A man with a massive musical history behind him and perhaps some expectations given his family line. Adam Cohen is embarking on his own musical career following in the footsteps of his famous dad.

Some would fear following such a legendary parents footsteps but it seems Adam is relishing the challenge of producing the best music possible.

Adam took some time out to answer some questions that Saranne put to him and here is what they discussed.

Q: You have a new album coming out soon “like a man” how does it differ from your previous albums?

This record is my proudest artistic achievement yet, a record which finally pays homage and celebrates the tradition from which I come.

Q: You’ve released an album in French as well as your English ones, what made you want to focus on a French language record?

I tried to throw an anchor off french shores. i grew up in france (12 years) and am after all french Canadian (from Montreal). but a mighty wind blew, and my ship sailed on.

Q: You said recently that you’ve acknowledged that you’re in the family business, do you think you will ever escape the associations with your father or have you come to embrace it?

I’ve always been compared, and suspect I’ve got quite a bit more work in front of me before that changes! (if it ever changes). but it’s very nice to have an honorable post in the family business now. i walk to work with pride and a pep in my step.

Q: Do you think you were always destined to go into the music business?

I caught the bug very early on, never imagined myself doing anything other than music. still find it hard to envisage anything else, despite my many defeats.

Q: Do you have a song by your father which you particular love or enjoy playing?

So Long Marianne…. Bird On A Wire…. and  Tower Of Song.

Q: What do you think you would be doing if your venture into the music business hadn’t been so successful?

Thinking about music from over on the other side of the fence.

Q: You’re about to embark on an extensive European tour, are you looking forward to getting back on the road?

I can’t wait to take advantage of the travel and challenges of a big european tour. i want to be faithful to the record on stage, and bring these songs to life every night, in a different city. it’s a privilege i though i might not have again.

Q: What country are you most looking forward to playing?

There are places I’ve never been yet on this tour, those are the places I’m most curious and excited about (Warsaw, Prague and Tel Aviv).

Q: What do you think has been the highlight of your career so far?

The most personally gratifying experience has been making this record. better than live t.v in the us, or having hits at radio, and better than opening for huge bands in stadiums when i was in a rock band. ‘like a man’ is a height i thought i would not reach.

Q: As well as a forthcoming solo album there is also another Low

Millions album in the pipe line, do you prefer being in a band or working on solo projects?
I’m uncertain what projects will follow this latest record, truly. I’ll only know after i tour and properly promote and release this record, what I’ll do next.

Q: What does the future hold for Adam Cohen?

As of now, I have before me a giant european tour to go with the european release. i might then get opportunity to have the same experience in the u.s., and who knows, maybe australia and New Zealand. the trick is to be patient, and faithful to the new standards set by the record. the rest will hopefully all fall into place. thanks for asking!