Iceage at The Workman’s, Thursday 30th

The ferociously brilliant Danish punks, Iceage, hit up the Workman’s this in what is sure to be an explosive show. Iceage released their third album last year, a powerful effort that showed that the band are so much more than just an angry punk group, embracing country influences and really letting their unique style shine through. The fact the gig starts at midnight on a Thursday is a bit awkward, but it’ll be well worth it to catch one of the most remarkable bands around.

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The Pop Group at Whelan’s, Monday 4th

Wacky post-punkers The Pop Group, whose original incarnation saw the group release several politically charged and musically experimental albums in the late ’70s and early ’80s, reunited in 2010 and have released a new album this year. ‘Citizen Zombie’ shows that the group haven’t lost their magic spark, and hopefully the same will hold true with their live show.

Worth Checking Out:

The Twilight Sad at Whelan’s, Saturday 2nd

Scottish band The Twilight Sad create a sound that’s somewhere between the hazy dreaminess of shoegaze, and the sinister, dark moods of post-punk. New album Nobody Wants To Be Here and NobodyWants To Leave is a cracking offering, combining synths and guitars into a powerful mix. Topped off with a distinctive Scootish drawl, and you have a highly appealing act.

Purity Ring at the Button Factory, Monday 4th

This bizzare electronic outfit from Canada have quite a unique setup on stage, with instrumentalist Roddick controlling both sound and lighting with a custom-built, tree-shaped instrument, and vocalist James designing the attire for the group. Musically, the band offer a synth-pop sound, with strong, alluring vocals.

The Charlatans at The Academy, Friday 1st

As a band that captured the both the free flowing easiness of Madchester as well as the cocky guitar rock of Britpop, The Charlatans have managed to outlive both these sub-genres and are still going strong to this day. A solid performance can be assured here, with the brilliant The Only One That I Know being just one of the many hits the band have to choose from for this show.

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