We were very pleased to partner once more with the wonderful crew down at KnockanStockan. Last year we made loads of tea and toast for charity (raising €1,000), curated our own stage, filmed some videos (like this one) and even managed to enjoy ourselves a tad.

This year, we were thrilled to be invited back to help our Radiomade.ie buddies out with their broadcast and then to host the enchanting Fairie Field stage – featuring some of our ‘Plec Picks’ for 2014 and much more special music across the two-days.

The reason we were so excited is that KS has that little something extra to most other festivals. It’s a special mixture of vibes, people, laughter, stories, staff, bands, musicians and this ethos that everything and everyone is growing and moving in the right and similar direction.

So this year, we sat down and thought about trying to capture that something special. That certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ if you don’t mind us getting all European on your ass.

So with that said, we give you, the Humans of KnockanStockan.

1113_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2606“Gotta run, we’re being called in on the radio!”

1700_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_3891“Do either of ye want the rest of this cigarette?”
“Don’t smoke but thanks!”
“Sure, I don’t smoke either!”

0918_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2303“I’m not sure how I’m going to pay my rent but that’s ok because life’s too short and I don’t want to be a waitress anymore”

1285_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2875“I’m gonna feel that in the morning!”

1280_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2869“Holy shit! Have you seen the size of that crowd!?”

1135_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2638“Never waste a boner, never trust a fart.”

1133_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2636“Ego death, all is one, one is all.”

1127_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2624“Wait, are you guys recording this? This story gets pretty crude…”

1125_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2622“I just arrived and the first thing I see is the gorgeous lady at this stall, so I thought where better to start my day?”

1118_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2612“But we’re not humans, are we Denis?”

1097_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2588“This weekend, we’re the rainbow rangers!”

1094_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2581“The biggest challenge I’ve faced in my lifetime? Trying to not have fun at Knockanstockan, I just can’t do it!”

1091_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2578“I’ve been working here the past few years so it’s nice to be able to just take it in as a punter.”


“I love the culture here.  Hard work, love, and letting go.  I kissed my wife for the first time just over there.  It’ll always be a big part of our lives.”

1086_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2569“Everybody, be happy!”

1085_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2568“There’s this moment in all of our shows where everyone goes ok let’s go, let’s go now… this is the moment. Flat out steamroller!”

1084_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2566“I was terrified, I wasn’t expecting that!”


0959_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2361“I’m wearing my Knockanstockan dress! I bust it out every year”

0956_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2356“I saw my first band at 4pm today, I don’t know what I’ve been doing”
“You’ve just been working then?”
“Not really…”

0955_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2355“There were a few lads here this morning playing chess and a few scaldys who thought they were playing chess.”

0954_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2354“I used to go to Oxegen all the time, sure Punchestown is just over the hill there!”

0953_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2352“I’m that one person who’ll jump up on stage and go on a mad one.”

0952_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2351“He’s been calling me ‘Red’ all day, that’s as much as I know him!”

0947_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2344“Will I take me top off, will I?”

0945_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2340“If you see my other two Amigos, will you tell ’em I’m looking for them”

0942_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2332Little Girl: “I’m making coffee, would you like some? Cream? Chocolate?”

0941_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2331“Oh no! Can you take another one? I need to fix his curls!”

0935_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2325“This is the ball of love, we’ve been carrying it everywhere so we don’t lose it!”
“You do know there’s hundreds of them just over there under the trees?”
“What!? No!”

0928_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2316“if you like people it’s just the most beautiful thing to make it your job to be watching them all the time”

0925_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2312“Nice bag man! Real fucking sexy”

0923_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2310“this guy rocks up to me, punches me in the arm and shouts ‘were you walking around Kilkenny dressed like a jockey yesterday!?’”

0919_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2304“We’ve been married for 47 years. We come from Holland.”

2194_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan1-2014_1087“Are yez havin’ a good weekend man? Everyone’s on such a good buzz. Are youz havin’ a good buzz? We’re havin’ such a mad buzz!”

0795_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2138“Right, let’s get this over with. I’ve got places to be!”

0917_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2301“I wish I travelled more. I just really want to go to places I haven’t been before and experience different things.”

0914_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2296“It’s very rare that I do hear it, but whenever I do I just float off into a different world.”

0909_MichelleGeraghtyPhotography_KnockanStockan2-2014_2290“There’s no feeling like it in the world and that’s why I keep coming back every year.”

Interviews conducted by Niall Swan and photography by Michelle Geraghty.