If FREE is your kind of thing (and lets face it, who doesnt love free) then Heineken Green Sphere is a blessing.

The Green Spheres gigs have been all over Ireland and now you have FOALS announcing a free Heineken Green Spheres gig in The Academy, Dublin.

You just have to apply for Tickets on www.heinekenmusic.ie when registration opens (which should be soon) – The gig is May 14th

As we said in the Ambassador gig announcement, The are promoting their new “Total Life Forever” album and you can catch them FREE at the Green Spheres in The Academy, or in The Ambassador if you dont swing tickets for the Sphere’s gig.

Foals are also making a remix of one of its song “Spanish Sahara” for free on foals.co.uk

The band have also made a preview remix of one of its standouts, ‘Spanish Sahara’, available as a free foals.co.uk download.