Havvk have announced the release of new collaborative EP ‘Plans with Friends’. ‘Plans With Friends’ features Participant, Arvo Party, Maria Kelly and the previously released single ‘Always The Same’ featuring Barq’s Jess Kav.

The five-track EP set for release on October 30th features re-workings of tracks from HAVVK’s 2019 debut album ‘Cause & Effect’.

Havvk supporting Bitch Falcon – Workmans Club – 5th Jan 2020 – ©Glen Bollard

“We had so many plans to go to gigs, to meet people, to collaborate,” says HAVVK frontwoman Julie Hawk, who is originally from Galway. “We even rented a space big enough for us to be able to use it as a collaborative space for running sessions and intimate gigs.  As a band, we’d been based outside of Ireland for years but we’d always felt a massive connection to the music scene here. So, one of the first things we wanted to do when we moved to Dublin was to finally collaborate with some of the artists who were now our neighbours.”  

“It was a massive shock to the system when the live scene started to shut down. We’d hoped this summer would be all about playing live, getting to know other artists and going to gigs and festivals, but it was also amazing to see how artists were responding – doing remote collaborations and home live streams – really trying to claim their space and stay creative. I think that collective defiance and mutual inspiration really kept the music scene going this summer.”