Irish rappers Hare Squead had an unexpected brush with the upper echelons of British politics when they met Prime Ministerial hopeful Rory Stewart MP in London’s Brick Lane this week.

Stewart, was in full man of the people mode, so much so it probably would’ve brought a tear to the eye of  Bertie Ahearn.

The Dublin rappers went with the flow in true Irish fashion until they found out that Stewart was running to be Prime Minister of the UK, at which point one of them casually tells Stewart “I don’t fuck with politics, man”.

Stewart, to be fair to him took it well posting the video with the caption “You can’t win’em all”.

However, some of the responses to the video have been less than magnanimous with people questioning the trio origins and accents.

We got news for you bruv, this is what Irish people look like and this is how people sound. We ain’t all ginger and we don’t all sound like Tom Cruise in Far And Away. Get used to it.

We guess Rory and England have a Long Way To Go….