GoldenPlec are thrilled to premiere the new video from Haiku for Who Knows It. This is the third single/video from the live EP and video series “Orphan Studio Sessions.” An emotional song carried by the soulful vocals.

Haiku – Who Knows It:

Haiku come from Dublin, but lead singer/composer Tommy Moore is currently living in Granada, Spain, to write new material. The video was recorded/mixed by Scott holiday at Gavin glasses ex studio space orphan studios . And the band had this to say on the track:

“The song is written about a whirlwind meeting of souls, whose fiery beginning seems too crazy to last. But also the idea of who knows what time can bring,not to be too certain of ones trajectory in life.”

There will be a headline Dublin gig announced soon and they will be playing Electric Picnic at the end of the summer.