BesIrishSongs Who doesn’t love the end of year ‘Best Of’ lists, we have been busy compiling and have finally gotten all the votes tallied for 2012 with our Top 20 Irish Singles. Each of the writer and photographers submitted a top 5 Irish songs of 2012 and we tallied up the votes, and this is the result. There is some domination in there from some of the popular albums, as the album tracks and singles forced their way in as multiple entries. There are truly some cracking tracks in here, so if you’re behind on your Irish singles, this is a pretty great way to catch up. This is Team Goldenplec’s Top 20 Irish Singles 2012. We hope you agree.

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20)Funeral Suits: All those Friendly People

19)Dott – Leave Tonight

18)Ghost Trap – Mascara

17)Mojo GoGo – Like The Sun

16)September Girls – Wanting More

15)Bats – Wolfwrangler

14)Hudson Taylor – Cinematic Lifestyle

13) Mmoths – Heart

12) Sive – Hide & Seek

11) The Minutes – Heartbreaker

10) Slow Skies – Across The Sea

9) Delorentos – Care For

8) The Cast of Cheers: Animals

7) Heathers – Forget Me Knots

6) Cast of Cheers – Trucks at Night

5) Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone

4) The Cast of Cheers – Family

3) Delorentos – Bullet in a Gun

2) Little Green Cars – The John Wayne

1) Kodaline – All I Want