GoldenPlec Magazine co-editor James Hendicott (alongside occasional other GoldenPlec guests) will be appearing on RTÉ 2XM’s In Colour show every other Monday from now on to talk about new Irish music. The first segment will take place during tonight’s show (30th March), shortly after 8pm.

In Colour presenter Darren Cleary says the slot was inspired by a combination of the need to offer bands who submit to the show more feedback, and a desire to work with GoldenPlec:

“I think it will be great that we can offer bands, singers and songwriters the chance to get feedback, but also that it’s coming from the GoldenPlec team”, he argues. “There are few better equipped to do that, GoldenPlec specialise in that department and do an excellent job. We’re delighted to be collaborating with them.”

“In many ways we do the same thing”, Darren explains. “GoldenPlec have been shining a spotlight on emerging artists for a long time now. The opportunity to work with a like-minded team who are giving it their all to promote new Irish music is something that I’m really looking forward to.”


Reviews will not be genre restricted, with tonight’s first segment focused on Hudson Taylor’s debut full-length ‘Singing for Strangers’ on the day of its UK release. The only restriction to inclusion will be that every review will be an Irish record. “We have a playlist populated by the best indie, rock and alternative music new and old, with a platform for new Irish artists to get their music played”, Darren says. “I also like to include a good dose of classic rock on the show, too. That love of classic rock gave me the title of the show. It is named after one of my favourite albums, Cheap Trick’s ‘In Colour’, which came out in 1977.”

I’m constantly impressed by the talented and ability of young Irish musicians who contact the show”, Darren continues. “The standard of submission we receive is excellent. The majority of stuff that lands in my inbox is well written, perfectly produced and the finished product is very polished.”

There are a few acts that have particularly impressed: “The Klares are a young band from Dublin, their EP ‘Dirty Birds’ was phenomenal. For me they’re probably the best young band in the country. I can’t wait to hear more from them. LazyRevs’ debut EP was great, it went straight into the o{hone and I listen to it regularly. We’ve featured brilliant music from Candice Gordon, Chris Haze, Emma O’Reilly, Rofi James and Tabloid TV lately. That is an immensely talented group of musicians who are consistently producing top tunes.”

James and Darren will be picking albums for each segment, and intend to review a mix of big name and up and coming Irish acts. To submit albums for review on the show, email a link and quick bio to

You can follow Darren on Twitter – @RadioCleary, and James – @JamesHendicott.

Listen to In Colour on RTÉ 2XM online, on DAB Radio and UPC channel 944 every Monday from 8pm.