Well we took our time about it, and we can only apologise about that, despite a lower amount of votes than last year there was still plenty to tally up so here are the Goldenplec Awards 2008 results

Our Favourite Member : Dionsis
Most Relevant Poster : Colly & Dionsis
Father Figure of the Board : Dionsis
Mother Figure of the Board : Lou (Second place was lil_miss_funky)
Nicest Member : Laura_Schmlaura
Favourite Negative MemberĀ  : HandyAndy
Most Intelligent : Handyandy
Funniest Member : Se7en (second was Handyandy and Cuffe)
Most Under-Rated Member : Lil_Miss_Funky
Best Member < 1000 Posts : DRG
Best Moderator : CraigMcd
Lifetime Achievement Award : FunkyMonkey (For getting engage was quoted in all votes) so thats a joint win for lil_miss_funky (Pedro came second also for engagement)
Most Likely to be empregnated in the next 6 months : Amazingly with 4 votes each Loubox, Se7en, Laura_Schlaura, Lil_miss_funky, Lolly, Pedro_el_killio’s other half
Most Chronically Drunk: HandyAndy (First time its not gone to freefault in years)
Most Stylish : Mark (apparently White jeans are in)
Mister Forum Flirt : Cashface_Dugarry
Missus Forum Flirt : Katja
Hottest Male : Dionsis (Joint Second were CraigMcd, Colly and Cashface_Dugarry)
Hottest Female : Laura_Schmlaura
Best Couple : Joint Winner Colly and Loubox, Funkymonkey and Lil_miss_funky
Most Missed : Uncle_Harry
Best Battle : Once Against Se7en .vs. Dionsis took majority of the votes, also rans included the battle of waterloo, battle of hastings and lil_miss_funky versus the pro gay people.
Lord Spam : Dixie
Tourette Award : Freefault
Most Childish : Lil_miss_funky
Best Underage Member : with an incredible 95% of the votes for an non underager, CRAIGMCD
Board Pervert : Mark
Best Avatar : Colly
Best Signature : HandyAndy and Dionsis
Best Self Made Signature : HandyAndy
One Post Wonder : Doctor_Grammar

Media Awards

Best Irish TV Station
Channel 6

Best Irish Radio Station
Phantom FM

Best Irish Festival
Electric Picnic

Best Irish Band
Fight Like Apes

Best Irish Singer
Roisin Murphy

Best Irish Venue
The Button Factory

Best Irish Album of the Year
Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the golden medallion