Girl Band are set to release a limited 7” picture disc featuring the Live from Vicar Street version of Amygdala. The record will be released exclusively through The R.A.G.E record shop in Dublin in a means to help them through the difficulties that Covid has presented, with all profits going towards the shop.

We are releasing a limited run of 500 7” picture discs with all proceeds going to The RAGE. It will be a live version of Amygdala (taken from our record store day release scheduled for August). The shop formally shut down its physical store on Fade Street last month due to complications that Covid 19 presented. Their online store is still operating and they’re looking for a new permanent location. The shop means a lot to us. Both Daniel and Adam worked in the store and we played our first ever gig in the basement. We want to raise a bit of money for them.” – Girl Band

The limited edition pressing also features also functions as a thaumatrope, meaning that if you attach rubber bands to the holes at either side of the record and spin to see an alternative artwork.

Tue 21st July – Amygdala (Live from Vicar Street) on DSPs with 7” pre-order exclusively from The R.A.G.E.

Tue 28th  July – 7” will be available from The Rage if not sold out.