Calling all Electric Picnic ticket holders.

There’s a new handy website on the internet (you know, the internet; that thing in your phone that makes you see cat videos and allows the government to spy on you). It is called Upsetlist and it compiles its data from, to give you an up-to-date Spotify playlist of what songs to expect at Electric Picnic.

It is a very useful tool, as it includes every single band on the bill (as long as the data is available on and bar the obvious few DJ sets) and is a sure-fire way to get familiar with what artists are playing at the moment. As well as that, there is a convenient feature that allows you to sift through, via genre, what bands are playing at the festival.

Currently, Upsetlist has playlists, including bio, for every band set to play at Electric Picnic 2019, and will be updating the website accordingly as new acts are announced.