Gaolbyrd the alter ego of New Secret Weapon frontman David Griffin has shared ‘High Infidelity’ which signals the start of a new musical chapter from the stalwart of Dublin’s underground music scene.

“This track was written during some wild times and it was written from the perspective of a friend who had been burned badly. The lyrics are crass and juvenile but so was the carry on at the time so forgive me if any offence is caused. I’m pulling the poetic licence card here,” explains Griffin of the background to the track which he describes as being “a playful jaunt outside the usual pop format with some wide dynamic and a nice groove in 5 with the odd bar of 6 thrown in for good measure.”

“This is the beginning of my release journey.” adds Griffin, who promises there will be a “myriad of tunage and video delights” to follow this winter. Fans of New Secret Weapon needn’t worry mind as Griffin promises there’s plenty of things to come on that front too. ‘High Infidelity’ is available from Bandcamp now.