Acclaimed Irish singer-songwriter Barry McCormack has teamed-up with Irish actor Aidan Gillen for the video for the lead single from his upcoming seventh album ‘Mean Time’.

Lived Through This Before is based on a true story and sees the ex-Jubilee Allstars man delve into the world of chemtrails, conspiracies and fake news, with Gillen complementing the song’s playful nature by playing the part of of a conspiracy theorist vlogger.

“I got to know Aidan Gillen years ago through MySpace. I just thought it was someone using the picture of the guy from Queer As Folk as their avatar and then I realised it was the guy from Queer As Folk! He was a fan and I was delighted.” explains Barry. “We got to know each other from there and developed a mutual appreciation of each other’s crafts.”

The video was filmed by Raymond Beggan, Gillen and produced by Wisconsin-based Irish artist, Colm McCarthy.

Mean Time, the seventh album from Barry McCormack, is out on Friday 22nd November 2019 on Hags Head Records. Barry McCormack plays The Workman’s Club Dublin on November 30th 2020.