Dubliner Anthony Donnelly aka Floor Staff has returned with his first new music since 2017 with single Aspiration.

“It’s an apology for the weakness and cruelty that contributed to the end of something formative and beautiful. It’s also a gesture of appreciation for an immense but ultimately futile effort to lift that relationship up,” explains Donnelly of the track which heralds his return to the Irish music scene.

“Part of that gesture is a brief, if somewhat sarcastic reimagining of the relationship in a perfect fantasy world where no-one is ever broken and everything is fabulous.”

Donnelly is joined on the track by producer Christopher Barry (Guitar), Gareth Quinn Redmond (Violin) and modern Irish music legend Oisín Trench (Drums). Aspiration will be followed later in 2021 by Floor Staff’s long-awaited debut album.