Following a well earned year off KnockanStockan, the festival known as the Christmas of summer returns in full flow for 2018.

A true representation of the high calibre of music in Ireland, the first line-up announcement presents a great mix of homegrown talent, fitting for all musical tastes, with everything from hip hop to post rock represented.

Rumour has it The Eskies have already been spotted pitching their tents in Ballyknockan.

Check out the first round of additions below.

      • Bantum
      • The Hot Sprockets
      • Navá (Plec Picks 2018)
      • Akora (Plec Picks 2018)
      • Vernon Jane (Plec Picks 2018)
      • Farah Elle (Plec Picks 2017)
      • Super Silly (Plec Picks 2017)
      • ROE
      • JyellowL
      • Sim Simma Sound System
      • Bicurious
      • Humans of the Sesh
      • The Olllam
      • Moon Looks On
      • Spudgun
      • Munky
      • Deborah
      • Yankari
      • The Scratch
      • The Bonk
      • Slouch
      • Grand
      • Simon Bird
      • Ailie Blunnie
      • Wood Burning Savages
      • Paddy Hanna
      • Elaine Mai
      • Cúla Búla
      • Kojaque

    KnockanStockan’s diverse musical lineup will be accompanied by additional treats for festival fans featuring new collaborations, several international artists, spectacular new stage designs, new areas and an array of art installations and endless performance art in many glorious forms.

  • Each new addition to the festival will be a tasteful continuation to the KnockanStockan we know and love with additional features both complementing and elevating the festival’s remarkable reputation.