Unfortunately the cold snap took full effect this weekend and left GP weak on its feet as the slipping and sliding all round meant some of our reviewers couldn’t get to the venues.

So unfortunately for Fight Like Apes and Codes this weekend we didn’t have a reviewer but fortunately our intrepid photographers had no such problems so we can happily shared some top photos of the events in Tripod this weekend.

What we can tell you is that they played a set list mixed with older and brand new songs from their awesome new album. The set list looked like the following and the pictures from the night are below that by the lovely Sean Smyth.

You are the Hat
Do You Karate?
Hoo Ha Henry
Poached Eggs
Tie Me Up With Jackets
Jenny Kelly
Push It
Waking Up With Robocop
Come On, Let’s Talk About Our Feelings
Something Global
Pull Off Your Arms And Lets Play In Your Blood
Lend Me Your Face
Jake Summers
Ice Cream Apple Fuck
Snore Bore Whore
Can Head