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  • New Jackson
  • Rubberbandits
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  • Detroit Swindle
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Festival Details

Charleville Castle in Tullamore is much more than just another festival venue. This 17th century castle is hidden away in Ireland’s oldest primordial oak woods. Its beautiful location is made all that more attractive given that it is located right in the middle of Ireland – so easily accessible from all major cities.

Castlepalooza offers a unique opportunity to set foot inside a beautiful Medieval castle, walk through its restored rooms and unwind in front of the roaring fires.

Ticket holders have exclusive daily access inside the castle where there are art and film exhibitions; workshops and some surprise performances. You’ll also have access to The Courtyard throughout the weekend.


!!! ( Chk Chk Chk), Detroit Swindle, Bon Voyage & Arveene, Super Extra Bonus Party, Beauty Sleep


New Jackson, Ships, Seamus Fogarty, Boots & Kats, Heroes In Hiding


All Tvvins, Rubberbandits, PINS, Space Dimension Controller, I Draw Slow

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