• Le Galaxie
  • Wild Beasts
  • Waze & Odyssey
  • David Kitt
  • Shit Robot
  • I Have A Tribe
  • Heroes In Hiding
  • King Bones
  • Thumper
  • Le Boom
  • Participant
  • Rosa Nutty
  • Phare
  • Cinema
  • Frankenstein Bolts
  • Wolff
  • Video Blue
  • Show Fur
  • Damola
  • Apella
  • Nimino
  • Tu-Ki
  • Lumigraph
  • Apres Ski
  • Barry Redsetta
  • Aik J
  • Oh Boland
  • Let’s Sail
  • Robocobra Quartet
  • Hvmmingbird
  • Farah Elle
  • Spud Gun
  • Beach
  • Beauty Sleep
  • Baz Hickey
  • Boca 45
  • Pete Isaac
  • Denney
  • RSAG
  • Bitch Falcon
  • Dublin Ukulele
  • Lumo Club
  • Wastefellow
  • Dip DJs
  • Ivy Nations
  • Sally Cinnamon
  • Elaine Mai
  • Floor Staff
  • Prymary Colours
  • Arman Giorgio

Festival Details

Castlepalooza, the music & arts festival that takes place over 3 days & nights in the centre of Ireland on the grounds of Charleville Castle Tullamore is back for it’s 12th edition from the 4th – 6th August 2017.

With a maximum crowd of 5,000 enjoying Charleville Castle and its grounds, festival-goers are guaranteed a hip, fun, sophisticated and friendly boutique festival where one can discover eclectic new music and international headliners on various stages. Castlepalooza promises you great music, magic, madness, and unique memories.

All ticket holders can explore the Castle by day and chance upon art, dance & craft workshops, comedy or even chill watching the ballroom stage and unwind by the roaring firesides. Its quirky charm and intimate setting sets Castlepalooza apart from any other festival.

For those who fancy camping in style at this year’s festival, Castlepalooza has Boutique Camping available with both 4 and 5 metre pre-pitched bell tents on offer. Tier 1 Pricing: €345 for 4 people (4M Boutique Bell Tent) & €545 for 6 people (5M Boutique Bell Tent).

And for those who like arriving with a pitched tent ready on arrival, Castlepalooza has Treat Yourself Tents available. Tier 1 Pricing: €185 for 2 people (great quality double skinned tent) & €285 for 4 people (great quality double skinned tent)

CASTLEPALOOZA 2017…. featuring Girl Band (Irish festival exclusive), Wild Beasts, Waze & Odyssey, David Kitt, Shit Robot, I Have A Tribe, Heroes In Hiding, King Bones and Lumo Club. Comedy: Deirdre O’Kane, Kevin Mc Gahern, PJ Gallagher, Colm O’ Regan. Sunday night headliners to be announced plus many many more acts! Tickets on sale now www.castlepalooza.com

Buy Tickets

Early bird tickets to the festival are available on Friday 16th December and Tier 1 pricing including camping & boutique camping can be bought on: www.castlepalooza.com.

Tier 1 Price:
Weekend ticket, with camping: €99
Weekend ticket, no camping: €84
Day ticket, Sunday no camping: €49
Boutique bell tents €345 for 4 people

Ticket Options

Weekend ticket, with camping


Weekend ticket, no camping


Day ticket, Sunday no camping


Boutique bell tents - 4 people