It’s January again and that can mean only one thing, the good folks at Whelan’s are about to present their annual Ones To Watch festival with over sixty acts- some new some more familiar- across their three sages from January 12 to 15.

We’ve selected some of the best acts playing the festival for your consideration, but with tickets priced at just €5 a night or €10 for the whole festival you really can’t go wrong.

Katie Laffan - Thurday, Main Stage 21.00

Brass Phantoms - Thursday, Main stage 22.30

Pillow Queens - Thursday, Upstairs 22.00

LAOISE - Thursday, Main Stage 21.45

THUMPER - Thursday, Main Stage 00.00

RUTH = Friday, Main Stage 21.00

Galants - Friday, Main Stage 21.45

Darling - Friday, Main Stage 22.00

Farah Elle - Friday, Upstairs 21.15

Shrug Life - Friday, Upstairs 00.15

Beauty Sleep - Friday, Upstairs 01.00

Hot Cops - Saturday, Upstairs 23.00

Almost Ghosts - Saturday, Upstais 12.30

Bad Sea - Sunday, Upstairs 22.00