Cast of Cheers' Conor Adams and Adebisi Shank's Lar Kaye have joined forces to form a band. Stemming from two heavyweight Irish acts, this is the kind of musical supergroup collaboration fans might have envisioned. Conor and Lar are collectively known as Tvvins and their debut track Two Worlds was uploaded on Soundcloud two months ago. Despite minimum PR the track garnered a notable amount of plays and excitement about the duo has been building. They played their first gig at Dublin's Hard Working Class Heroes festival in October and within a month they landed themselves the opening slot for the Editors in the Olympia. We caught up with Lar to find out a bit more about the electro-rock project and what we can expect from Tvvins.

How did Tvvins start?

Well, Conor and I had been in different bands since we were kids. We'd always been aware of each other and it reached a point where we were finished with different projects and had some spare time so we said we'd try something out.

Did you start the project with a particular electro sound in mind?

We were quite open about the sound. We didn't have any restrictions. If it worked, it worked. If it didn't…it eh..didn't and we would have just left it. [laughs] We recorded two tracks with Rob Kirwan. Two Worlds was the first and the second is You Better, which will be released as a single in January. We have a full live set but they are the only ones we've recorded so far. We haven't made any big plans yet. We're going to release the single in January and just see how it goes from there.

Is Tvvins something that will slot in between all the other projects the duo are involved with?

Conor and I just want to make as much music as possible and hopefully keep everything on track. I know Cast of Cheers have a new record done, as have Adebisi Shank, so we would just like to do as much as we can. Conor's also got Charmers and I've got No Spill Blood.

Are you aware there's a bit of hype building up around Tvvins?

Yeah, we're super happy with how things have gone so far. The other bands we're in have been really supportive so far. Two Worlds is one side of what we've been doing but the single that's out in January will show the opposite side of what we've been doing. It's more straight up. It'll be interesting to see if people are as into that as they were Two Worlds but, we don't really care, we'll see how it goes.

Richter Collective, Adebisi Shank's former label closed it's doors last year. Has this influenced the search for label support?

To be honest we just said we'd focus on making music and see what the response is before going into all that crap. I mean if people like it that's great and if they don't, they don't.

In an interview last week, Heathers mentioned they knew Adebisi Shank growing up and that they were looking forward to having Tvvins open their headline gig in the Academy.

Yeah, when Adebisi started up we played lots of shows and parties with the Heathers. Thursday is going to be fun.

If you can't wait until January to hear some new material from Tvvins make sure you catch one of their gigs over the next few weeks.

Tvvins will support Heathers in the Academy on Thursday 28th November, Enemies in the Button Factory on 30th November and ASIWYFA in December.