Cork-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Gavin Murray aka Trick Mist is an experimental composer whose arsenal of original samples and storytelling lyrics combined with gestures towards traditional music and experimental electronics create a captivating, immersive and meditative musical space.

Murray is currently working on the follow-up to his 2018 debut album ‘Both Ends’. We caught up Gavin to find out what tracks have been inspiring him during this period of creativity.

Darkstar - Text

Big fan of Darkstar and Warp Records in general. This is my favourite track off their new record ‘Civic Jams’. ‘A photonegative of a dance record’ is how the band describe it. This track perfectly exemplifies this idea I feel. Its rhythmic simplicity mixed with elements like the everyday samples and subdued house-y vocal pushing it nicely into a lovely weird space. It's a sort of contemplative anthem for me. So rich, could go all day with this one.

Elaine Howley - Song For Mary Black

Elaine’s band The Altered Hour's just signed to Pizza Pizza Records which I'm very excited about. I only came across this solo track by Elaine recently and immediately loved it. So pretty, subdued and the cyclical nature of the song is so hypnotic.

Carmen Villain - I Could Sit Here All Day

I can’t get enough of Carmen Villain’s stuff of late. It's so so strong. This track is from her 2019 album ‘Both Lines Will Be Blue’ which is just an incredible piece of work. Also, the artwork is ridiculously stunning. She cites Jon Hassell as an influence who is someone I've been getting into recently. His 'Fourth World' concept is very intriguing. I see it as a type of ambient music where traditional music is subjected to electronic processes creating a new musical dreamworld that possesses a spiritual element.

For me, Carmen Villain weaves a very unique kind of spell giving fourth world, ambient tones a kind of dubby, movement-filled home.

Maria Somerville - Seabird

I love Maria Somerville’s work. This is her latest release, a reimagining of Air Miami’s ‘Seabird’ marking her signing with 4AD. Love this track. Just love the tone. It's so warm and upbeat but it has that characteristic woozy, foggy, reserved vibe. Gently euphoric. Been listening to her show on NTS recently, check that out if you haven’t yet.

Gigi Masin - Cry Wind or Flames

This guy is savage. Lovely dark number off his new album. Kind of natural-sounding instruments/voices presented in an experimental context. Right down my alley. Love it, It's so evocative and haunting. Has a sort of an Irish trad vibe too which I love.

Lankum - The Wild Rover

Absolutely immense stuff from a truly unbelievable album. I love the build at the end of this track and how the intensity just keeps ramping up and up. I don’t know how they got the intensity to keep going up! Some going. Impossible not to get wrapped up in it.

Coby Sey - Petals Have Fallen

Got on to Coby Sey’s work having heard his stunning contribution on Tirzah’s 2018 album ‘Devotion’. Love the vibe and the development of this track. Really beautiful.

Mark Waldron-Hyden - I Can't See You: Where Did You Go?

So good. Real float down the river stuff. Love the dialogue/interplay between settling elements and unsettling elements. The mad rhythms are class. Lovely meandering track.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Expanding Electricity

Her entire back catalogue is amazing but I love this lead track from her 2020 album ‘The Mosaic of Transformation’. For me, there's a great mixture of head and heart stimulation in this track. The gentle busy electronics married with such a yearning, spiritual vocal. So powerful.

William Doyle - {a sea of thoughts behind it}

A nice expansive closer on William Doyle latest album ‘Great Span’s of Muddy Time’

Gareth Quinn Redmond - Lonrú

I'm really into Gareth Quinn Redmond’s work. Love all of his output. Very hard to nail such sparseness and simplicity. Gorgeous stuff. Check out the lovely recent live performance video he did with Homebeat for St Patrick's Festival.

Kara-Lis Coverdale - Grafts

Totally fallen in love with this. It's an absolutely stunning 20 min composition A beautiful ambient piece with amazing sonics. It's swirling, meditative and pretty. The hang drum loop at the end is so infectious. Could listen to it all day/night.

Check out the full photo shoot by Shane J. Horan below.