Our small island has more than jigs and reels to offer. This fortnightly playlist covers both international metal acts but also the ones growing in our own backyard.

Ahead of their headline slot at the upcoming Siege of Limerick, legendary Irish band Primordial release their ninth album 'Exile Amongst the Ruins' which starts off this week's Painkiller Mixtape. We are then shot with a Lightning Strike of a track from metal legends Judas Priest from their new album. Moving into more progressive territory, Tipperary sludge-prog band Zhora follow Priest, alongside Galway sludge metallers Ten Ton Slug.

New music from Enslaved, Conan, Behemoth also features this week as well as Dublin folk metal band Cruachan, after celebrating their 25th Anniversary. Classic tracks from Angel Witch and Type O Negative also creep in, as well as some traditional styled metal from Northern Irish band Rabid Bitch of the North and Stereo Nasty from the capital.