Australian four-piece The Faim, have been busy touring the world over the last few years supporting artists such as PVRIS, Hands Like Houses and Against The Current. Now, they're back for their first headline tour of the UK and Europe.

The group seem incredibly calm and confident about being the main attraction, with good reason too, as the queue outside The Garage in London is growing longer and longer.

"It feels the same in terms of nerves," guitarist Sam Tye says. "It’s a lot greater being on a headline tour, because people are coming to see you - it’s more of an event for your band and it’s really nice meeting the fans, and we’re able to do VIPs on this tour too."

The Faim have been keeping busy with an ambitious schedule of recording and rehearsals ahead of the tour. This lust for perfection however is time-consuming leaving the band with one shot to shoot the video for Fire just days before going on tour.

"We filmed it in Eastbourne," Tye explains. "It was freezing, it was one of the coldest days. We all had a good time, it was a lot of fun. It was something different. And everyone was so lovely in the team, very accommodating, we just pushed through the whole day."

With new music on the horizon, the band have been peppering their sets with some unreleased tracks to satiate fans in the mean time. Drummer Linden Marrisen explains that logistics also come into play.

"We just don’t have enough songs to make an hour set," he laughs,"and also it is showing the versatility of the next release whenever it comes out. With the new songs you’ll hear, they’re all pretty different from each other."

Tye adds: "We wanted to get people hyped for the new music and show everyone what we’ve been working on. We’re building awareness around the new songs, also showing them to the people who are most dedicated (to the band) so it’s great for them to hear the songs first."

However, in 2019, that means that songs end up being heard by other fans for the first time on shaky phone footage on YouTube. This stops some bands from wanting to play unreleased songs live. This isn't something that seems to faze them.

"Over time, songs evolve," Marrisen explains. "There’s little things we do differently when we get more comfortable. But it doesn't bother us [that people are hearing them online first]. Not personally, I mean, if I mess up on drums then it bothers me," he laughs.

One impressive thing to be noted about these videos is how The Faim's fans already know the lyrics to these new, yet-to-be released tracks - something which hasn't gone unnoticed by the group.

"When it does get released, people realise they’ve been singing the wrong lyrics," Tye laughs. "But it’s really nice to play songs that aren’t released and people have gone out of their way to listen to a recording that probably isn’t the best quality."

Fire marks the beginning a new era for The Faim. For them, releasing it felt like a no brainer.

"We all felt like Fire was suitable - there were a lot of options but it was just the one that came about. We’re definitely excited about the diversity in all the songs, we’re excited to play them live and eventually release them," Tye explains.

Marrisen adds: "Fire is definitely the most poppy, another one of them is really in your face."

The word 'versatility' crops up multiple times during the interview. Is showing their range as a band important to them?

"I think as long as we write from our hearts, every song that comes out is different," Tye explains. "We don’t want to be defined by a genre. Everyone is always trying to put you in a box and I think it’s important to break boundaries and surprise people."

The Faim's new single Amelie is out now. The Faim play their first Irish headline show at The Academy 2 on August 27th 2019 - Tickets €13.00 on sale now.