Rising stars from the hotpot of talent at the minute up north, The Emerald Armada are a band we've been keeping an eye on for months.

We've been waiting for some new material from these guys and with the release of their forthcoming EP due in November and some headline shows in Dublin and Belfast to be announced to promote the EP both sides of the border, it's all kicking into gear for The Emerald Armada.

It has been a busy year for them with festivals in Europe and the UK filling their calendar over the coming months following a sold out headline show in Empire Music Hall.

We have the pleasure of getting to share the first track from their brand new EP 'This House' with our readers. We try our best to share some of our favourite stuff first and we really dig this track and its infectious chorus. The video itself has the band in a house piecing together bit by bit a family dinner style setup before the fun begins. Hit play, enjoy.

'This House' is available to stream on YouTube and Spotify, will be available to purchase with the forthcoming EP in November.