"On 2013’s ‘Stories Of Ruin’, a record that combined country, blues, soul, folk and trad, Wicklow band The Cujo Family conjured a substance-saturated existence fraught with violence, pain and spiritual abandonment. For all that, though, it was a raucously enjoyable and dryly humorous journey, delivered in the style they call Hardfolk. This time around it’s all that and more, with the band upping their game with some experimentation on the production side and highly original interludes into a standard song structure."

The Cujo Family have been around for a while now, almost ten years in fact, but it's a testament to the graft and commitment to their craft that we are now presented with this piece of work.

'Pigs in the Pen' is an accomplished entry in the band's canon, the culmination of a decade's detailing of drinking, debauchery, and damnation. Melodies flow like the alcohol that saturates their songs, but when this band is leading you along the dark path to redemption, it's with a knowing wink and a wry tale for the journey. You won't regret joining them...

So now, we're thrilled to bring you the premiere of their new album 'Pigs in the Pen' - enjoy!

Editors note: The stream has now been taken down, but you can buy/listen to the album HERE.