When you picture a femme fatale oozing with confidence, glitz and glamour, Slayyyter springs to mind. The erotic pop sensation grew up in a quiet Midwest town in Missouri before transforming herself into the star we all know and love today.

Slayyyter burst onto the scene in 2019 with 'Daddy AF' and 'Mine', and her self-titled debut album racked up an impressive 100 million streams. She sold out her first headline tour and released the critically acclaimed full-length debut 'Troubled Paradise'.

Slayyyter attracted the attention of the big dogs with widespread praise from Billboard, Bustle, MTV, NME, and many more. Most recently, the pop provocateur released her album 'STARFUCKER'. Featuring hits such as 'I Love Hollywood!', 'Erotic Electronic', and 'Miss Belladonna' the album is an ode to the pageantry of Hollywood.

We caught up with the hyper-pop princess to discuss her tour, new material, image, and fashion. Having just released her most recent album 'STARFUCKER', the bold, attention-grabbing name pricked up the ears of critics and has so far received incredible reviews.

Slayyyter touches on topics that some may find taboo, such as plastic surgery, drugs, and sexuality. "I think a lot of times people view things as taboo because they have maybe a lack of understanding, or maybe insecurities about certain things." she says adding.

"I think this album is pretty playful with the way I talk about sex, drugs, or even plastic surgery. I'm not trying to glorify anything, but I'm not hating on any of it either. I wanted to embrace the things I have seen around me during my time in LA and at these random parties I shouldn't be invited to."

The striking album is a bold statement of female empowerment, and it peaked at number 10 in the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums charts in 2023. While the singer's second studio album turned some heads, a common theme in her music has always bee taking control of your sexuality and embracing the narratives of excess.

Speaking of confidence, the starlet states, "I've felt like I used not to view myself in that way at all. I didn't consider myself to be very beautiful or conventionally attractive in high school or during my one year at college. I was always in the background. Around age 20 or 21, I bleached my hair to platinum blonde, and I feel like that turned me into a new person."

"It sounds silly, but it felt like that was the first invention of Slayyyter. I started posting pictures online and curating aesthetics, and I felt like a potent sexual force of nature."

Indeed, the singer's style is a massive part of her eye-catching persona. "I became very obsessed with '80s and '90s Thierry Mugler while making this record. Strong shoulders and cinched waist silhouettes. '80s businesswomen and Hollywood icons inspired me a lot as well. I love vintage clothes; I feel like my style comes from a love of old movies."

Slayyyter's whole persona is undoubtedly self-assured, and this can be seen especially in her eye-catching music videos. They are filled with striking visuals and push the boundaries of what we usually see as visual output from artists today.

When asked if her videos had always been well received by the public, the singer laughs and says, "No, not at all. I still get a lot of negativity online, but I always find it funny. I have had some misses with visuals for sure, but sometimes, when you're thrust into this industry at a young age, you don't really have the tools to express your ideas well right away."

"I remember hating the Daddy AF music video so much that I cried all day in my bedroom when teasers came out. I had a vision and mood board I loved, but it just didn't get executed well at all. There was no hairstylist, no clothing stylist, no makeup artist. It's a pretty clunky and bad music video, but I still love that song. I would love to reshoot one someday now that I am better about calling the shots and have a wonderful team I
work with."

Slayyyter loves to be highly involved in the creative process of making her music videos; she curates mood boards and has all the exact shots in her head, even when the videos have a smaller budget.

"I creatively direct my own projects, and I think a lot of artists should. It's always a bummer when people compare things I do because I spend many hours digging deep and watching old fashion shows and movies.

"I can tell you exactly where each reference comes from, and it's always something weird and old. I find creative visual work so thrilling, though; I would love to direct a music video properly or creative direct for a brand someday."

When you listen to Slayer's music, you can hear multiple different genres that blend together to give her music a punchy, provocative feel that almost imitates European techno. Just recently, Slayyyter did a Boiler Room set in NYC, and having used German producer Schwefelgelb's track 'Ez Zieht Mich' as a base for her vocals, we couldn't resist but ask if Slayyyter is a techno fan.

"I take inspiration from all kinds of electronic music, but Europe definitely has the coolest techno. I went to a rave after my show in Berlin a few years ago, and the music really stuck in my brain. I love sex dungeon dominatrix beats."

Having just completed the North American leg of her Club Valentine Tour in October and November of 2023, she promises that she is "always just looking to amp up the live show in a new way. I want some fresh remixes for the new set of shows, so it isn't exactly the same as the
North American run."

Slayyyter is about to kick off the highly anticipated Irish and UK leg of her Club Valentine tour in February, which includes a date in the 3Olympia Theatre Dublin. Slayyyter says, "I hope it feels like an electric cinematic party. I have moments on stage where old Joan Crawford audio plays, and I melt to the floor like a tortured old Hollywood icon. I want people to lose their minds during Daddy AF too."

2024 is off to a strong start for Slayyyter, and she is "in Miami right now recording for the next thing, and I'm excited to make something new. I feel like I just made a very polished pop album and want to steer into something very different. I've started crafting the visual world, and I think it will be better than everything I've done before."

Limited tickets for Slayyyter at the 3Olympia Theatre on the 11th of February 2024 are available here