There's not much we Irish enjoy more than gleefully taking the piss out of our British counterparts across the sea. Whether it's their imbecile of a Prime Minister or the enduring failure of the English national football team, there are many opportunities for us to gloat.

However, we at GoldenPlec have noticed a marked increase in coverage for Irish acts in British music media of late, something we are obviously delighted to see (Even if they do occasionally do what they do best over there and try to claim someone Irish as their own. *cough*). With that in mind, we thought we'd return the favour and produce a monthly run down of some of the best new tracks that England, Scotland and Wales have to offer. Shall we begin?

Low Girl - So Cool

A first-time discovery for me courtesy of GoldenPlec Overlord Stephen Byrne, Hemel-Hempstead newcomers Low Girl announced their new EP, set for release in March, by sharing its title track So Cool in early January. Gorgeous synths coupled with Sarah Cosgrove's laid-back vocal make this one of the standout tracks of the year so far. Ones to watch!

Holodrum - Free Advice

Synth-pop supergroup Holodrum gave us the first taster of what to expect from their forthcoming self-titled debut album set for release in March. The band is made up of members from groups such as Yard Act, Hookworms, Drahla, Cowtown and Virginia Wing, among others. Free Advice is a shimmering disco-inflected slice of electropop and I've been dancing to it throughout January.

Human Interest - Feel Good

With newfound Covid immunity in hand, I took myself on a jaunt to London in January to see the mighty Idles with support from Self Esteem. While I was there though, I decided to pay a visit to The Windmill in Brixton, my favourite venue in the world. Human Interest were headlining on the night so I gave them a listen in advance. Blown away is an understatement. They just happened to release this upbeat cracker the next day. Feel good indeed.

Los Bitchos - Pista (Fresh Start)

The third single to be taken from their fnew album 'Let The Festivities Begin', Pista (Fresh Start) is a riot from start to finish. Some folk may recognise the tune as Pista (Great Start), which the band released previously but this is a re-worked version for the album and it's an absolute treat. Los Bitchos play The Workman's Dublin on February 22nd. Don't miss this tune live.

Black Country, New Road - Snow Globes

We were saddened to hear the news this week that Black Country, New Road vocalist Isaac Wood has left the band to look after his mental wellbeing. We wish Isaac all the best. Snow Globes, the latest single from their sophomore record is a testament to the legacy that Wood leaves behind. A gorgeously crafted track that constantly leaves you guessing. A BC,NR trademark. Album of the year two years running? I wouldn't bet against them.

Lime Garden - Marbles

Brighton four-piece Lime Garden first came to my attention in the latter months of 2021 with their single 'Clockwork' which immediately drew comparisons to South London favourites Sorry. While Marbles doesn't quite draw the same comparisons, its disco-led production and funky bassline make this a surefire hit at their live shows. Lime Garden are showing incredibly exciting diversity already. We want more.

Honeyglaze - Shadows

Another big hope for 2022, honeyglaze burst on to the scene last year with the stunning Speedy Wunderground-produced Burglar. Shadows is the third single to be taken from their debut album and they've improved every step of the way so far. This tune immediately reminded me of Belfast's Dark Tropics whose debut album was one of the best Irish releases of 2021. honeyglaze come to Dublin in May as part of The Road To Great Escape festival.

Caroline - Good Morning (red)

I'm not going to lie, I have the NME and the NME only to thank for my discovery of Caroline. Their Hot 100 for 2022 playlist featured the eight-piece's debut single Dark Blue and I instantly fell in love. When someone asks me why I love music so much, it’s because of moments like this, moments when I discover something I adore but cannot put into words why so I just sit back and soak it in. You should too.

Sywel Nyw & Lauren Connolly - 10/10

I mean, this track does exactly what it says on the tin. An absolute 10 out of 10 from left field. Actor Lauren Connolly spits out line after line of witty, explicit and honest thoughts and feelings over an undercurrent of rhythmic drumbeats and synth. I don't speak a word of Welsh but a fellow Celt assures me there are plenty of excellent lyrics in here. The first sentence of the song translates to “I wish that for one day, everyone would say whatever is rotting on their tongue”. Preach.

Nilüfer Yanya - Midnight Sun

I can't think of a Nilüfer Yanya song that I have not loved but yet I also have never given her the attention her music deserves. No more. Midnight Sun is an absolute joy from start to finish. Lyrically and sonically it is perfectly crafted and if her forthcoming album 'PAINLESS' has more tracks anywhere near this good, she is a shoe-in for a Mercury Prize nomination. Nilüfer Yanya plays Whelan's in Dublin on March 12th.

That's all for this month folks. If you've enjoyed what you've heard so far, you can follow my The Brits Are At It Again playlist on Spotify here.