Pianist, songwriter, vocalist, and fashion designer, SexyTadhg does it all. The Carlow-born artist has returned with the release of their most daring single to date, ‘Ride The Wave’, a track which tackles the anxiety they’ve felt their whole life.

I feel anxiety in my stomach and a tightness in my core” they wrote of the track upon its release, “Each negative thought pulls the next one into view until I'm surrounded and overwhelmed. Through therapy, I've learned about the roots of this familiar feeling, its triggers and even healthy coping mechanisms to tackle its onset”.

‘Ride The Wave’ is the first single from SexyTadhg’s long-awaited debut project 'My Parade' which is scheduled for release next month. The EP will be supported by a six-date Irish headline tour which opens with a show in Cork’s Fred Zepplins on 5th April before taking in Carlow, Limerick, Galway and Belfast and coming to an end with a final show in The Grand Social on 20th April. 

Ahead of hitting the road with 'My Parade', SexyTadhg sat down with Goldenplec to discuss their latest single, their start in music, and the excitement of taking to the road for the very first time.


You recently released your latest single, 'Ride The Wave,' with a music video. Talk us through your creative process, inspirations for writing the track, and the meaning behind the video. 

 “I've been dreaming of creating a music video like this for a long time. My budget was tiny; however, I knew I wanted to invest in great lighting, a great space, a great videographer and fabulous costuming. I wanted the video to look professional and stand up on its own two feet amidst videos that cost millions. So I contacted the best people; I got John-Luke O'Reilly on lights, Kate Lawlor as the videographer, and Chloe Joyce as the costume designer, and we shot it in the state-of-the-art Visual Theatre in my hometown, Carlow.

"It's one thing to make a video look great and a track I'm proud of, but I wanted them both to work together to tell a story.  Anxiety is something I've been trying to cope with for a long time. It started to get bad in the summer of 2022; I'd get intense cramps in my stomach accompanied by spiralling negative thoughts.

"I had never seen a therapist at this point, so I didn't have any coping mechanisms; the only thing that got me through it was the knowledge that it wouldn't last forever. If I relax, breathe, and let it wash over me, if I just ride the wave, I'll come out the other side and life will continue. That's the story I wanted to share in this video.

"The verses tell the story of the victim of anxiety, while in the chorus, I am anxiety personified. Beckoning for the victim to "give me their body, let go of the reigns, let go of [their] worries and Ride the Wave". Then, in the final chorus, both versions meet and combine in a toxic erotic mess. Embracing, melting, and mixing to become one barely functional psyche”.


What's your earliest musical memory, and how did you begin to explore songwriting and performing as an outlet?

 “My earliest music memory comes from when I first performed in front of people. I participated in "Rang a 4's Got Talent", a showcase organized by my fourth-class teacher. I sang you raise me up with my eyes closed the entire time. When I opened my eyes, everyone seemed to enjoy the performance, which felt great! I've been chasing that feeling ever since (joking x)

I began to explore songwriting around the age of 16 as a tool to express emotions that were too big just to be spoken about. Mainly love and heartbreak, which to a queer teenager is a terrifying thing to talk about openly, so music became my medium of expression for those emotions”.

You are about to embark on your debut headline tour in April; what are you most excited about about the tour?

 “What excites me most about my debut tour is seeing people connect with my stories and perspective. It gives me great validation and motivation to stay pushing; it also reminds me that I'm not alone in my experience of the world”.


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What can people expect from your tour?

 “Expect to be thoroughly entertained, to dance, jump, cry, and laugh. It's always a full roller-coaster of emotions, but that's what life is. I'm so excited to share my most genuine and vulnerable self with you. Expect beautiful costumes and to connect with beautiful people just like you”.

 What is on the cards for you over the next year?

 “I plan to release a body of work this year, pushing my music into the public eye. I want to connect with more people; there's a space for me in the world, and I'm determined to take that place and stand there with pride”.

Tickets for SexyTadhg’s live tour are on sale now