GoldenPlec doesn't normally get involved in politics but the upcoming referendum on the 8th Amendment is just too important to ignore so we set about talking to Irish musicians about the referendum and their hopes and fears for the campaign and beyond.

Dek Hynes, 34, from Crumlin, Dublin is best-known as the multi-instrumentalist with ephemeral folk pop duo Saint Sister.

What way are you voting and why? 

I will be voting to Repeal the 8th Amendment because I believe it massively infringes on the basic human rights of women in Ireland and this must be rectified.

Have you been on a personal journey to come to this decision?

No, I have not been on a personal journey but many of my friends have. Criminalising and shaming women who have made the difficult decision to have an abortion procedure is something I will never be able to understand.

I hope we can bring some love and compassion into the issue and eradicate this archaic socio-political / socio-religious tool from our country's constitution and progress to a place where an individual's choice in the case of a serious health matter is recognised and respected.

Have you had difficult conversations about this issue? If so what advice would you give people who are hesitant to have these conversations?

Being a musician based in Dublin, surrounded by other musicians and artists, most of the conversations I've had around the 8th Amendment issue have been largely positive.

However, anyone who is unsure about the debate should spend the time informing themselves and talking to their loved ones. There are plenty of resources online to get non-biased, fact-based information about the issues at hand here. Talk to women in your life about how they feel. Be respectful and open to having a conversation with anyone about the issue and don't be afraid to have your opinions challenged.

Our society has been built on draconian religious doctrine that have been embedded into our psyche and laws in a very subversive way. Questioning these rules and laws is essential. Let's not forget that contraception was illegal in Ireland until the 1980's, and opposition to its legalisation was largely fought on the same fears and beliefs that we are encountering with the 8th Amendment today.

Is there anything you’d like to say to undecided voters?

Failing to remove the 8th Amendment won't solve the issue, it will simply continue the cruel, arduous reality of unsafe abortions for thousands of Irish women. This referendum is essentially about providing safe and compassionate healthcare for the women of Ireland when faced with a very difficult decision. Please inform yourself of the facts and make the right decision on May 25th.