Angela Dorgan has been at the forefront of Irish music for more than 20 years. As the founder and Managing Director of First Music Contact and one of the chief organisers of the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival.

Dorgan, known as the Fairy godmother of Irish music due to her abilities to make artists accomplish their goals, is also an active supporter of the repeal movement, often sporting her Repeal jumper at events.

GoldenPlec grabbed a moment with Dorgan at Cork Loves Music to discuss the upcoming referendum and why kindness is critical on both sides of the debate.

What way are you voting and why?

You can be against abortion personally, or never need or have to have one. But if you vote no, you are taking the choice away from women who really may need one for medical or health reasons, to save their lives, because of cancer treatment, foetal foetal abnormality, rape, incest, for economic reasons, disability, or just because it's not the right decision for a woman, for whatever private reason.

We need to support a woman’s right to choose what’s right for her body and to let our doctors treat their patients without hindrance. This is why I will be voting yes on May 25th.

Have you been on a personal journey to come to this decision?

No. I’ve always been pro-choice.

Have you had difficult conversations about this issue?

Yes. The issue I find most offensive in all the discussions around the Repeal the 8th movement is the opinion that everybody comes to this decision lightly. They don’t.

What advice would you give people who are hesitant to have these conversations?

Be kind. What’s really struck me about this referendum is the way it’s been twisted into an abortion referendum when it isn’t. I think we can all be kind to each other. I think some on the no side have demonized those who would call for understanding and a bit of cop-on. The anger, the visuals, the name calling, that's not us.

We are a compassionate nation, a compassionate people. I think we can think and feel differently about issues and still manage to hold that compassion.