Formerly known as Jackal, a rock outfit made up of his former BIMM cohorts, Jack Rua is looking to start afresh and embrace the genre he knows and loves best.

"I've always been in to electronic music," he tells GoldenPlec. That's obvious from the first listen of new single Scarlet A, a pulsating dancefloor strut that commands attention with its sharp production and killer melody, while dissecting the heavy subject matter of monogamy and human attraction.

"I wrote it in 2016. I was still Jackal when I wrote it and it had a very rock, blues arrangement. If you listen to it I think you can still hear the jazzy, blues influences.

"I started working with [the producer] tenderhook. and he kind of took it in another direction. I moved to New York in 2017 with all these demos and it was just sitting there ... That's when I started writing for Jack Rua and developing my new identity.

"I've always been unapologetic about sex and shame ... I want to be a pop musician. There's not enough representation for male pop singers who sing openly about sex in that way."

Given that Jack drew inspiration from 'The Scarlet Letter', it makes sense that he describes his artistry is "sexually charged". It's an energy that can be felt throughout the accompanying video, directed by fellow queer creative PureGrand.

"What it really comes back to is identity and being more confident in yourself," he says. "I kind of want to take my own viewpoint on empowerment."