Cork-based songwriter Roisin Lowry has been making music under the moniker Lowli since 2016. Her music is best described as a distinctive and alternative sound made up of haunting vocal melodies and emotive lyrics accompanied by orchestral instrumentation.

Back in November 2016 she released her debut single Fallow. Since its release, she's also played her first live gigs, including a headline show in The Kino, Cork and performances at Dublin's Ruby Sessions and Cork's Quarter Block Party.

Her new single Frozen Bones features Lowry herself on vocals and piano, with Fionnuala Diskin on cello and Aileen Wallace on drums. The track was recorded and produced by Gary Duncan.

The song is based around the theme of being attached to something that you have to leave behind. Frozen Bones is a metaphor for this object of attachment. The song depicts the struggle of having to walk away from a damaging situation, while the memory is still present in your mind.

The arrangement is heavily influenced by classical music and as she says herself the darkness of the music reflects the message of the song.