Canadian country sensation Lindsay Ell has released two successful albums and toured extensively with musicians like The Band Perry, Keith Urban and Keith Issak. An impressive height to reach before her twenty sixth birthday. GoldenPlec caught up with her recently to talk about her career.

Growing up in a family surrounded by music shaped Ell as a person and fed her deep love for music. “I’m bless to have a musical family,” she tells us. “Nobody in my family is a professional musician but there was always instruments and encouragement to play.

Lindsay knew from a young age that she wanted to follow a career in music. Having impersonated Shania Twain and Faith Hill with her plastic microphone from a young age her future was sealed once she started to perform and write songs.

By the age of eight Ell was submerged in her love for guitar. “I started to play because my dad always did. I dove into the world of Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn. I was hooked instantly.” She told us.

As a singer songwriter the skill of writing songs is of vital importance to her. Living in world famous Nashville has shaped her writing. “There are so many famous songwriters from there that it is impossible not to learn and hone your skill every day."

For Ell being on stage passes by to quickly so the time she makes sure to cherish her time in the studio. “Being in the studio is effectively like etching into concrete. Every note you play is so important that I slave over it. In the studio if you take a risk it is left there on the album forever but while playing live it can be just left in the moment. You need to be on top of your game.

Having toured over fifty dates with The Band Perry the Canadian singer loves the sense of family that is built. “It is amazing to get to know a group of people that you had never met before hand. You end up with some life long friends,” she said.

On such a long tour usually the artists have little time to act as tourists but Ell made sure to take a “few hours as often as possible to appreciate and take in the sights of whatever city we were in.

Having been touted previously as ‘one to watch’ Lindsay does not feel any pressure to deliver. “I am extremely humbled when people say that. At the end of the day all I want to do is make music that connects with people. If I do that then I know I have succeeded.

In what has come to be a rite of passage for all famous Country singers Ell appeared on the Grand Ole Opry. “It was incredible,” she said. “I had been looking forward to getting to walk onto that stage for so long. I have vivid memories of sitting in my Gradpas kitchen listening to the Opry on the radio. To grace the stage myself was just so special.

With a well established online persona Ell knows the importance of social media to todays artists. “In todays day and age it is how people discover new music. It also allows me to interact and talk with fans which is really important to me. It also allows me to show fans who I really am away from all the lights.

Having just played a gig in Ireland in February Lindsay Ell hopes that in 2015 will allow her to return to Europe. “I have plans for the year. I want to release my album and get some singles out and then get on the road for another tour.

The excitement and dedication that Lindsay Ell approaches her music with will leave country fans in Ireland hoping that she makes a return again in the coming year.