Kula Shaker - K2.0 Album

Crispian Mills and his merry band of infectious rockers are back. A band some maybe had forgotten, certainly there may be a generation who don't know hits like Hey Dude, Govinda, their extremely popular cover of "Hush" and much more.

“I think what many people like about the band is that we never treated it as a career,” says Crispian Mills, contemplating the group’s long strange journey between then and now. “For us it was always a calling, and that came across at gigs. We can only do this when the timing is right.”

With very few British rock acts still hanging around. Let alone those from the 90s, Kula Shaker are a welcome refreshing resurgence. K 2.0 is their 5th studio album. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

1. Infinite Sun
2. Holy Flame
3. Death of Democracy
4. Let Love B (with U)
5. Here come my Demons
6. 33 Crows
7. Oh Mary
8. High Noon
9. Hari Bol (the sweetest sweet)
10. Get Right Get Ready
11. Mountain Lifter

Kula Shaker - K 2.0 Full Album Stream Playlist

Kula Shaker - K 2.0 Album Artwork