Kakkmaddafakka, or KMF depending what mood they are in, are a high-energy bunch of boys from Bergen, Norway, out to have a good time. They have released five albums to date including 2017's 'Hus' (listen below).

The band are now regarded as elder statesmen of what's known in Norway as Bergen-wave due to the city's large number of successful artists both at home and abroad from Royskopp in the '90s to Aurora, Sigrid, Kygo and Boy Pablo in the present day.

Bergen-wave is the Scandinavian equivalent of Britpop in many ways, as it's a grouping of acts based on a geographical catch-all rather than a single defined genre or sound.

KMF are known for their joy-filled live shows, imaginative covers and crazy capers. We caught up with the guys ahead of their Dublin show this Halloween in The Grand Social, where they promise they will have some tricks up their sleeves for your eyes and your ears.

Seriously guys, are they adding powdered pop to the water in Bergen; there’s so many acts coming out of your town such as Sigrid and Boy Pablo right now. What’s going on?

The water in Bergen taste great! Maybe a little too great come to think about it. And we are drenched in rain water all the time too, hmm.  There is a lot going on right now. The Oslo people call it the Bergen wave. Again with the water stuff. Maybe it’s the weather keeping the people indoors that's doing it? Wet people crammed up in bars all the time.  Makes for a good music scene at least!

<<<GP>>> You guys have released five albums in a decade, did you ever think you’d reach this point when you started out? What are the highlights of your career so far?

Always known! There is at least five more coming! You bet our asses on it!

One time we brought a couple Irish guys with us on our tour bus from Munich to Vienna. We drank Jameson and got a complete rundown on all Irish drinking songs from year 1100 to 2017. Highlight of the year!

As far as highlights go, the upcoming Globalistic tour already smells a little highlighty...15 different countries and a South American end. Can’t wait!

<<<GP>>> How would you rank your five albums to date? Can you explain why the favourite means so much to you?

Hmm...kind of hard this one. In our live shows, we actually play songs from all our albums. We got an even spread of our fans favourite songs all through our repertoire! We are really proud of that one actually. It feels like we have done something right in all our different stuff!

A weird observation we have done is that our fans like different songs in different countries. No idea why, hehe. Like for instance. Young You does really well in Scandinavia, but we don’t even bother playing it when we are in Spain. Weird world :). Weird.

Pål Vindenes released his debut solo album this year under the moniker Pish. What’s the one song you heard and thought 'fuck I wish that was a Kakkmaddafakka song' and why?

Crime maybe? Fucking great song!

How supportive were the rest of the band in your decision to release a solo record?

As supportive as can be! The more KAKK the world eats up the better!

Does this mean we’ll have to wait longer than normal for the next Kakkmaddafakka record?

Actually no, hehe. We already have new one recorded how’s that? *BOOM WHAT UP*

When can we expect to hear new music?

“Early” next year.  Maybe a little surprise before that even!!!

Will we hear any Pish songs at a Kakkmaddafakka show or do you keep solo projects totally separate?

No rules!

You guys are big into social media but I believe you are very unhappy with the way it is developing. Why are you unhappy and what is the solution?

A bit sad that you now have to pay money to get your message out. Like we kind of missed Mac Demarco’s last release. Dawned on us about a month after the album was out, even though we all follow his stuff. Guess he didn’t pay his money, and the news got held back somewhere. SAD.

How do you guys feel about Donald Trump recent comments about Norway and the fact that Progress Party member Per-Willy Amundsen nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize?

The Progress party seem a bit preoccupied with getting rid of their own people these days. “Them about that” as we say in Norway. Whatever.

Are you guys still covering Haddaway’s ‘What Is Love’’ live? It’s a great song but how did that become a staple of your live show?

We got some new stuff planned :)

You guys are playing a show in Dublin on Halloween, are you big fans of Halloween? Will you have anything special lined up for the occasion? It might be worth noting that Dracula was written by an Irishman.

Wow, didn’t know that! hmm. Maybe we’ll dress up our percussionist or something. Drink his blood on stage or whatever.

Kakkmaddafakka play The Grand Social, Dublin on October 31st. Tickets €16.00.