Duo, Ho99o9 (pronounced horror) are every bit as sinister and grotesque as their name might suggest. Their video for Da Blue Nigga from Hellboy sees Eaddy having sex with a skeleton before being choked to death by theOGM’s intestine to the hook, “Fuck your politics, meet the apocalypse”. But there’s more to these punk-rap New Jerseyites than simply shagging skeletons and being strangled by your band member’s eviscerated organs.

Eaddy and theOGM grew up in an urban community where drug dealing and gang culture was rife. Music, for theOGM provided an outlet. “Music is one of the most important things to me. My inspiration comes from being broke as fuck and watching my mom work multiple jobs to keep the family together.”

Ho99o9’s musical influences vary from the likes of Bad Brains to Eminem which is evident from the rap and punk sensibilities that they carry in equal measure throughout their oeuvre. But they are adamant to form their own identity. They are both quick to refute that they are influenced by GG Allin. “STOP COMPARING US TO GG ALLIN. No one is GG and NO ONE is Ho99o9”. This commitment to be unique is commendable. All the more so considering the DIY method they adopted to rise to prominence.

Beyond the tunes, Ho99o9 also take a keen interest in cinematography and art. Having hosted arts shows when they were growing up, the band got the chance to work with two people they admire greatly on the video for Casey Jones/Cum Rag; director, Bryan Ray Turcotte and photographer, Estevan Oriol. “Bryan is an OG”, claims the OGM. “He’s been around the dopest artists, gangstas and is a very genuine dude”. Eaddy agrees. “Bryan has done it all, seen it all and knows it all. He’s a true pioneer and always keeps it G”. As for Oriol meanwhile, he “has shot some of my favourite artists and some of the work he’s done on gang culture is tight”, explains theOGM. “Estevan is one of the realest human beings on this earth today, hands down”, echoes Eaddy. “His work is fuckin incredible”.

It is clear that Ho99o9 are fascinated by the gangland culture they left behind when they moved to Los Angeles. Or more appropriately, the artistic depiction of such culture. But what gets the pair most vexed up? “Not having money, weed and pussy all in my pocket at the same time”, theOGM states succinctly. “People asking us if our performance is inspired by GG Allin”, jokes Eaddy.

Humour is another element that is apparent from talking with Ho99o9. theOGM later responds simply, when asked if they have any projects in the pipeline, “Yeah the next project is a collaboration with PornHub”. And it is this camaraderie that is so endearing when you watch the pair live, not their supposed comparisons to GG Allin’s stage antics. Joking aside though, Eaddy informs us that the group are planning on joining Sean Coombes’ (aka P. Diddy’s) Bad Boy Records and bringing back Dirty Money, Diddy’s group that disbanded in 2012 and featured the likes of Skylar Grey, Usher and Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders.

Ho99o9 are certainly ambitious. And given the headway they’ve made so far, they may just continue matching the results with that ambition. You can catch them this weekend when they play Body & Soul.