A familiar face for anyone that was at either of the five sold-out Picture This concerts in 3Arena, Charlotte, an artist in her own right, is embarking on a headline show in The Grand Social on 2nd July.

While speaking about the “mad whirlwind” of singing the duet Someone To Hold with Picture This at their historical five nights in Dublin’s 3Arena, the singer makes clear that she is holding the experience close to her heart: “It was incredible and completely unforgettable. It’s crazy how the stars can align for opportunities like that to present themselves. Their fans welcomed me with open arms and I’ll treasure those five nights for the rest of my life.”


Within her own pop sound, the Hull native has an impressive soulful twang, which she accredits to her upbringing: “My grandparents introduced me to soul music and I connected with that from a very early age. That’s remained a constant. No matter what new music I discover, I still listen to the classic soul music (Aretha, Stevie, Otis, Luther, Sam Cooke) on the daily. I also listened to pop music; I wouldn’t take a bath without listening to Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Kylie Minogue) or Rock DJ (Robbie Williams).”

Charlotte’s debut EP 'Nowhere To Hide' was only released early this month, but the soul-driven pop single Nervous has already clocked up one million-plus streams. “I’m shocked by the number of people who’ve listened to my music,” says the singer, “but I’m very happy that it’s reaching them and that they’re connecting with it. I tell my own personal story in the song, but I hope that listeners find theirs within it too.”

Apart from earning these notable streams, the first single of the EP also quickly entered into the Spotify Viral Ireland 50 chart. It is no surprise that Charlotte’s music is hitting the Irish charts, as she has strong connection with her Irish fans: “I’d say I talk to my Irish fans more than I do to my friends from home! I cannot wait to come back to Dublin for my show. I’m also buzzing to get my hands on some more Club Orange, because that stuff is heaven sent.” At the singer’s last show in Ireland, playing support for Newton Faulkner, a fan turned up outside the venue brandishing two bottles of Club Orange moments after she tweeted: “All I want is a Club Orange why can’t I find one in any of the shops near The Academy.”

With her declared penchant for a particular fizzy drink and her crowd of adoring fans, this upcoming gig may be a case of "be careful what you wish for", as it might be possible that a sticky orange sea of sugar awaits her.

Charlotte plays The Grand Social, Dublin 2nd July 2019. Tickets €12.80. Support from Laoise.