It's often stated that we are currently living in the 'golden age of Irish music', having produced more internationally successful acts in recent times than any previous generation.

And yet, for all this success, rarely - if ever - are individual musicians singled out for their talents on their chosen instrument.

We decided that the time had come to take a look past the collective and single out the individual prowess of players in Ireland. And with that in mind we present to you, in no particular order, a list of who we believe to be the best in the new generation of guitarists in Ireland right now.

We all know The Edge is amazing, but it's about time other players were praised.

Alan Duggan - Girl Band

Alan Duggan wields his guitar like a chainsaw, cutting huge swaths through all those bands out there making the safe sonic choice. He's been responsible for some of the most unconventionally alluring guitar noises to emerge from this land in recent years.

Girl Band's abrasive, pummelling guitar work is at times properly disturbing, and all the more original for this uncompromising attitude.

David Griffen - New Secret Weapon

David Griffen takes a more intricate approach to his instrument, exploring unusual time signatures and expansive riffs.

His wide-ranging ability takes in delicate moments of intimacy and huge releases of sweeping sounds, sometimes several times within the same song.

Lizzie Fitzpatrick - Bitch Falcon

Lizzie Fitzpatrick creates thunderous riffs on her Fender Jaguar. She's equally as adept at laying down slow, heavy riffs à la Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi as she is navigating the slipstream of a pedal board-heavy guitar solo.

And she does this all while roaring her lungs out and/or simultaneously crowdsurfing.

Steve Ryan - Windings

Be honest and fear not - Steve Ryan from Windings is the real deal. The classic utility man, Steve is so good at so many genres of music that his prowess is often overlooked.

Check out the multitude of styles on his last album below, or check out his work on Rusangano Family's Choice Music Prize winning album, 'Let The Dead Bury The Dead'.

Stephen McHale - BARQ

Cut from the same versatile cloth as Steve from Windings, Stephen McHale is one of Ireland's most in demand players as both a live touring guitarist and session musician.

He's on far too many records to mention, but standouts include his work with Lethal Dialect. McHale is finally making a name for himself in his own right thanks to his main project, Barq, and his upcoming fashion line of beanie hats.

Lar - All Tvvins

From Adebisi Shank to All Tvvins, there's no denying that Lars Kaye knows his way around the architecture of a riff. His Adebisi Shank days boast a wealth of varied and surprising six-string noisemaking.

Sure, his work with All Tvvins has taken a more tempered, poppier stance, but it's none the less effective for it.

Max Zaska - Zaska

The crown prince of Irish jazz, Max Zaska's place on this list was never in doubt.

He's currently in the studio with a who's who of Irish musician's following a successful Fundit campaign to record his debut album.

This New Park School of Jazz graduate is a technically gifted player famed for his improvisational live performances.

Just ask anybody who attended the GoldenPlec JAMBoree at Christmas.

Cian Nugent

Cian Nugent's album 'Night Fiction' is an accomplished blues offering delivering rich, textured and expansive compositions.

Equally accomplished at fingerpicking as he is at the blues, Nugent echoes Rory Gallagher and John Martyn, whilst never overegging either tendency. There is no doubting Nugent’s place in this list is well deserved.

Alan Kenna - Jafaris and others

BIMM graduate Alan Kenna is fast becoming one of the most sought after axemen in the country.

Kenna has blown us away on numerous ocassions with his funky guitar licks and slick soloing for rising R'N'B star Jafaris.

Expect to see and hear more and more of Kenna in the years to come.

Taran Plouzané-Brady - Bicurious

Taran Plouzané-Brady from Travis Oaks & Bicurious is one of the most accomplished players in the new generation of riff architects in Ireland today.

Style wise Plouzané-Brady riffs echo Billy Corgan’s finest work with the Smashing Pumpkins and Dave Navarro’s early offerings with Jane’s Addiction.

Conor Dockery - Red Enemy/The Scratch

Despite boasting equally impressive levels of technical prowess and sheer passion, Ireland's metal bands tend to get a little overlooked in best-of lists.

And of all the great acts out there stirring up mosh pits, Red Enemy are among the most gifted and ferocious.

Conor Dockery's riffs are mighty tidal waves of heavy-ass noise, and it would be remiss of us not to mention him here.

His dexterity has been further emphasized on his work recent with the Scratch.

Saoirse Duane - Wyvern Lingo

Perhaps the most understated player on this list, Saoirse Duane definitely approaches her fretwork on Wyvern Lingo songs from the standpoint that the notes you don’t play are just as important as those you do.

Duane is primarily concerned with playing the song first and her instrument second, meaning that every note she plays has meaning and purpose and is integral to the band’s sound.

This in itself is a skill which is often overlooked, but is ultimately one of the most powerful tools in a musician's arsenal.