Greta Kline AKA Frankie Cosmos sits at the vanguard of New York bedroom pop. Throughout her career she has cleverly utilised the immediacy of the internet to defy the traditional recording cycle, releasing copious amount of albums under various guises.

In the process. Kline has built a reputation as being one of the finest alternative voices in America. Trading under the moniker Frankie Cosmos since 2011, her latest release 'Vessel' finds Kline in fine fettle.

We caught up with the queen of bedroom pop ahead of her return to Ireland for a show in The Button Factory

To call you prolific would be an understatement, there’s 52 releases attributed to you on Bandcamp under various guises. How do you keep writing interesting for yourself after releasing hundreds of songs?

I just really enjoy the process of making songs, so I haven’t gotten bored of it yet. Even if a lot of them are about the same stuff, it never really is the same because I’m constantly changing as a person.

You’ve recorded under various pseudonyms, but what was it about Warhol actress Ingrid Superstar that attracted you enough to take on the moniker?

I didn’t know she existed! Once I found out there was already an Ingrid Superstar, i changed the band name.

Coming from a famous family was the anonymity of the internet quite important for your development as an artist?

I didn’t think about it until Frankie Cosmos started getting some press and of course my parents were more often than not mentioned.

Many acts get trapped by their previous releases, has constantly changing names allowed you to leave your previous songbooks in the past and stay in the moment?

I don’t think the name changes signify that much- I just liked making up band names and album titles and art, and splitting my songs into different releases. We still play old songs live, but I’m definitely always wanting to work on something new.

With that in mind is Frankie Cosmos here to stay or will you look to change it up again going forwards?

So far the band name has felt right to me. But it may change again someday, who knows!

Your approach to song writing is very lean, only two Frankie Cosmos songs released so far have ventured passed the 3 minute mark, is that a coincidence or a conscious decision?

It’s just my style! I like short and concise songs, and I don’t usually like repeated choruses, unless I feel like there is a reason for one. So the songs just end up being on the shorter side.

You’ve built up a reputation for being hysterically passive aggressive in your lyrics some have gone so far as to call you the poet laureate of NYC DIY. How do you feel about such accolades and who would you award that one to yourself?

Hahah I’ve never heard my lyrics referred to as passive aggressive, that’s funny. As for being the poet laureate of DIY / such accolades...I don’t really believe in that stuff. I think everyone’s art is different and personal, there’s really no sense in comparing or ranking artists.

What’s your favourite lyric on the new album and why?

One of my favourites is “You are a word I made up when I'm high / I gave you meaning but I don't know why”. I just think it’s funny and also pinpoints a very specific feeling for me.

In the last few years female artists have taken over alternative/indie guitar music why do you think that is?

Because we have more feelings

You have some family connections to Ireland (sure doesn’t everyone) is that something that you have explored or feel an affinity towards? If so where are you looking forwards to visiting?

I haven’t really explored that part of my family history. I’m especially looking forward to playing in Dublin because we had a really fun show there last time and we have so many nice friends there.

Frankie Cosmos plays The Button Factory, Dublin on Thursday 23rd August. Tickets €15 on sale here.