BOXERIndie-rock band The Boxer Rebellion took some time out of their touring schedule to speak to GoldenPlec about their new record 'Promises', what they have in common with Guns N' Roses and about stag nights in Dublin.

Their latest record 'Promises' was recorded partly in their studio in London, partly during a six week session in LA. The band strayed from their usual writing process, opting to record whilst in the studio rather than in a rehearsal space. If afforded them the opportunity to experiment with new sounds and hear a change instantaneously.

“It really allowed us to fine-tune songs in a way that is hard to achieve when you are in a big expensive studio recording them for the first time with the pressure of getting things done," they told GoldenPlec. "For the most part it worked brilliantly but towards the end of the process we realised that in order to finish it, we needed an outside opinion and a deadline. Both came in the form of Billy Bush (who has previously worked with the likes of Garbage, Imagine Dragons and Fink) and a block of time in an LA studio.”

While in studio they worked with a knowledgeable drum tech called Mike who assisted them with their drum selection.

“With him came his massive collection of drums and amongst the 20 or so snare drums happened to be one that suited the song Always. After getting a couple of takes down Mike casually mentioned to Piers that it happened to be the same snare used on November Rain by Guns and Roses. We love that it made our record and it's the kind of music history that seems to be the norm in LA.

The Londoners band have spent time in Ireland and fondly shared a memory from their last visit.

“Piers our drummer actually had his stag do there... we had a brilliant time! Perhaps Dubliners get weary of stag parties rolling around drunk but the city is just the perfect place to have a good time. We also loved playing there a few years ago, the crowd were great!”

The Irish connection goes further than a stag party as they also toured with Kodaline.

“Yeah we have also had Kodaline support us in the past and they are a great band with a very good live show. I was a big fan of Ash growing up and their first album came out at just the right teenage moment for me to connect with it!”

Boxer Rebellion’s music has been featured on major US TV shows. They spoke a little about how beneficial these TV show are as an outlet for musicians in the states.

“Major US TV and film exposure has become our radio in the States… we have reached audiences that might not have come across our music otherwise and added to a really great mix of fans at live shows. It is also fun to have friends and family in the US be surprised by our songs whilst they randomly watch TV! I think our music has always worked with picture and it is very satisfying to see music departments enjoy our music for its cinematic qualities.”

Once this European tour is completed The Boxer Rebellion will play several festivals between block periods of writing for their next release.

“We'll also be planning a couple of surprises for the fans to listen to! Watch this space!”

The Boxer Rebellion play The Limelight 2 in Belfast tonight. Tickets available from usual outlets.