At this year's Warped Tour, the UK's Boston Manor are continuing to get ever-more acquainted with the United States. And, as guitarist Ash Wilson explained to GoldenPlec at the band’s New York date, it all seems to have been going well. Now, the band are on their own headline tour around America.

Speaking of Warped, Wilson explains how, "We can't really ask for a better experience than we're doing now. We've been in the states a few times before but this is our first Warped Tour, and it's exceeded all expectations. A lot of people say it's the hardest thing you're gonna do. I kind of see why, but I have not felt that way, I've enjoyed every minute of it. Even though some days you're playing to 20-30 kids, another day 200-300 kids I've never felt that it was that difficult, or not so difficult that you're think it's so hard that you can't do it."

The heat, as always, is one of the many things people complain about on Warped, however this time around it's not such an issue for Boston Manor. "We're in a bandwagon so AC is a blessing, my shoulders are peeling, I'm struggling to say the least - out of all of us I cope the least well!"

This time around, the band also experienced their first 4th of July in America.
"We went to a beach house around Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, " says Wilson. "It was so so fun, we just hung out with Trophy Eyes, literally at this point we're practically interchangeable – we're always with each other. It's really nice to have that relationship with another band especially like being so far away from home."

Having been on tour with Trophy Eyes supporting Moose Blood, the bands were already very familiar with one another. "It's weird," says Wilson, "we met them in February on the Moose Blood Tour and literally from day one we were like 'alright, I guess we're gonna be boys' then every single show we've played since then it's been with Trophy Eyes – they came over for Slam Dunk, and we were there. Then Warped Tour."

They have also been back to home territory a bit, playing some shows. "It was so sick, " says Wilson. "A lot of them sold out. It's quite cool to see how many kids are still into us because we're quite late in the album cycle… The biggest surprise were the Slamdunk shows – the first show I think it was Birmingham, we turned up and we saw the stage we were playing and we were like 'Jesus Christ, that's the biggest stage we've ever seen' the cap for that room was like 3000 people so we were like 'we're never gonna fill it but let’s just do what we can'…

"I got on stage and didn't turn around I just put on my guitar and got ready and then I turned around and I was like "holy Shit, there's like 2500 people there" and everyone was going nuts for us. It was absolutely insane, it blew my mind - that's still the number 1 thing that has happened so far."

The band also played Reading and Leeds festivals, another milestone as Wilson had been a regular attendee himself. "Like six times in a row", he says. "I think it only carries pressure because I used to go there all the time and I was like "oh, I wish I could play something like that" so the heat was on a bit!"

Boston Manor’s music videos are a notable element of their style, all showing creativity and effort, Wilson explains that they do take pride in their videos.
"We're really conscious about [them] – I feel like a lot of music videos just roll into one sometimes, it's the same kind of thing so we always thought to ourselves "let's just mix things up a little bit and see how that goes"."

Doing it this way also keeps things fun for the band. “The music video we released for 'Cu' we shot that in one day in this Airbnb that we found in the middle of Pennsylvania – it was so fun, that place was amazing, all the crew we worked with and stuff were amazing, we worked from like 9am to 1 am or something, it was crazy. I don't think [the hosts] knew we were doing a video in the Airbnb!"

The band never really stop thinking about what's next. Right now, their minds are set on new material. "We're always switched onto it – we've got a pretty full year of just touring so we've got to find time to write. Trying to do it on Warped - that's the hard part about Warped. It's like ‘Oh, I could write some music or I could do a number of other things’ – it's kind of pushed aside."

Trying to write on the road is new for them and often ideas come at the most inconvenient times. "Like the other night,” says Wilson, “the second I was about to fall asleep I was like ‘I've got a really good song idea’ and I recorded it on my voice mail and the next day I was like... ‘that makes no sense!’"

But when it comes to writing, it's a group effort. "All of us write, we all exchange songs, work it over. We’ll write a song and change it constantly until it evolves and either we're happy with it or we're like ‘nope!’"

And with that, comes a variety of different perspectives. "I don't really listen to a lot of things in our scene, " says Wilson. "I listen to a lot of soundtracks and post-rock and hip-hop. The other guys listen to other things."

As far as goals go, Boston Manor want to continue to explore and visit as many new places as possible. "I really want to go to Asia. We get loads of tweets like 'Come play Manila' apparently there's like a really big scene of emo and pop-punk. State Champs went over there recently and they said it was the funnest shows. I think it's because bands don't really tend to go over there so when bands do it's a big deal."

And by the looks of it, that goal is very achievable for Boston Manor. Over the last year their progression has been hard to keep up with - going from strength to strength, it's only a matter of time.

Boston Manor play the Academy, Dublin as part of the Kerrang! Tour 2017  on Monday 11 December.