Interview with Christy from Le Boom

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Who now?

"Le Boom = Irish hip-kids making funky vibes in Brooklyn."

Listen how?


In 4 words, how would you describe your music

"Caribou, Jape, Metronomy, Hot-chip."

Have you been to Vantastival before? If so, what was your favourite memory?

"Yes, I was at Vantasival twice: I played at it once with a former band and I attended it as a sleazy mess another year. Favourite memory was losing my mind in a frenzy of lights and arpeggios to Le Galaxie.."

What would you call your campervan, and why?

"The Boomwagon, or something equally unoriginal"

Other than on stage, where are we most likely to find you at a festival?

"Trying to coax a passer-by to set up my tent for me in exchange for a can of Prazsky."

What can we expect from a live show?

"We threw out all of our old set so this is a brand new show and I'm really not sure what's going to happen. We used a lot of weird things like metal poles, steel rods, pots and glass while recording these new tunes so the stage will probably look like a scrapyard."

Describe your best festival dance move.

"Here's our guitarist, Vaughan, doing his thing"


As an Irish band in Brooklyn, where does your allegiance lie: bagels or soda bread?

"McCambridge's every time."

What are your musical plans for 2016?

"We're gonna release some music and a video this summer. Then we're gonna play some shows in Ireland and the UK before we return to NY for a bit"

Le Boom play the GoldenPlec stage on Friday at this year's Vantastival.