Nollaig na mBan, or women’s Christmas, marks the end of the festive season and seeks to celebrate women's contributions during the Yuletide. Here at GoldenPlec, we have selected five incredible acts that perfectly encapsulate the contributions women are currently making to the Irish music scene.


CMAT at the 3Olympia Theatre, Dublin. Photo by Owen Humphreys.

Starting with our very own pop star, CMAT has blazed her way through the industry, positioning herself as a beacon of the Irish music scene. Following the release of her debut album in 2022 If my wife new I’d be dead, which found itself at number 1 in the Irish Album Charts, CMAT has commanded our attention and is revelling in the success.

CMAT’s genius blend of humour, country dazzle and pop flare has cemented her as one of the best songwriters we have seen in a while. The sprinkles of cynicism throughout her tracks have resonated to the point of obscene relatability.

Known for her theatrical live shows CMAT is one of the best manifestations of pop star potential Ireland has seen in the past decade.

2. Pillow Queens

Recalling themes of a catholic upbringing and grappling with sexuality, Pillow Queens has become one of the biggest indie rock bands on the isle. Following the success of their debut album In Waiting in 2020, the band released their second album Leave the Light On in April of 2022, and show no signs of letting up.

Through the lovesick nostalgia that they concoct, Pillow Queens have started the work of bringing back a certain authenticity to the gig scene. Consistently touring, the Dublin quartet are in no way slowing down, we can only imagine what's to come next from the band.

3. Denise Chaila

Denise Chaila at Electric Picnic 2022. Photo by Owen Humphreys.

The Limerick based rapper, singer and poet Denise Chaila has garnered quite a buzz since she began performing in 2012. It was not until 2019 when she released her debut EP Dual Citizenship that we were given the full scope of her potential. Her growth has been exponential, culminating in the release of her first album Go Bravely, winner of the Choice Music Prize, released in 2020.

Chaila manages to create a unique mix of hip hop, R&B and grime throughout her music, exploring themes of misogyny, identity, borders and the perception of herself as a Zambian born, Limerick based aritist. Between her aestetics steeped in mysticism and her bold character, Denise Chaila is a artist to be reckoned with.

4. girlfriend.

The Dublin based five-piece girlfriend. are are an art punk band that emulates a raw, demanding and melancholy disposition. Since formation in August of 2015 the band have provided us with a steady stream of releases, starting with the 3AM Rituals EP in 2016, followed by the double single release of Spitkissing//Small Smile Grow in 2018 commencing with the latest single release of Repent in December of 2022 they have left us hungry for more.

The nature of the girlfriend. live shows have granted them with a place on scene as serious contenders, packed with tangible potential, future releases from the five piece are sure to be met with open arms.

5. Kynsy

Kynsy is an amalgamation of sound, reminiscing on influences that recall the indie sleeze movement of the noughties alongside the indie pop punch of the last decade. Hailing from Dublin, Kynsy made her debut in 2021 with her Things that don’t exist EP to critical acclaim, shortly followed up by her sophomore EP Something To Do With Love in September of 2022.

Kynsy refuses to shy away from the grit within her lyrical content, tackling love, isolation and misogyny with prose-like ease. The Dublin singer has struck hard and made a mark already within the short time she has been performing and we are waiting with eager anticipation as to what will come next.