Yesterday we brought you 15 Irish acts you can't miss at Electric Picnic this weekend. Today? International acts. Let's go!

Billie Eilish

We're not sure Billie needs much of an introduction but here we go anyway. Despite not being old enough to attend the festival as a punter, Billie Eilish, currently the biggest pop star on the planet depending on who you ask, is one of the weekend's most-anticipated acts. Fan of pop music or not, you can't miss this.

Billie Eilish plays the EP Main Stage on Friday at 19.30

Courtney Barnett

Australia is having a moment musically. There has been a massive influx of incredible solo acts from down under in recent years, but Courtney Barnett leads the way. Known for her witty, deadpan and rambling lyrics, Barnett has all the facets needed to close out your festival on Sunday night.

Courtney Barnett plays the Cosby Tent on Sunday at 23.00

International Teachers Of Pop

Harking back to The Human League in the '80s and Moloko in the '90s, Sheffield always produces excellent electro-pop. International Teachers Of Pop are the latest in that line. With a show reminiscent of King Kong Company and Confidence Man and tunes that remind you of Giorgio Moroder or Kraftwerk, this might be the most fun you'll have all weekend.

International Teachers Of Pop play the Body & Soul Main Stage at midnight on Friday


Take Saint Sister's harp away for a few days and IDER is what you'll probably end up with. Delivering gorgeous harmonies over wonderfully constructed synth and piano beats, along with some hard-hitting, close-to-the-bone lyrics (see above), IDER should be high on everyone's priority list this weekend.

IDER play the 3 Made By Music Stage on Sunday at 21.45


Shura, the Manchester-born pop sensation, has just released her sophomore album 'Forevher' to a slate of four- and five-star reviews. "A slinky collection of electro-pop with a side order of old school R'n'B, pulsating with high romance, religion and the box-fresh urge to get it on," said our review of it. We're sold. Are you?

Shura plays the 3 Made By Music Stage on Friday at 22.30

Viagra Boys

Stockholm isn't exactly known for producing wildly popular post-punk music, but in Viagra Boys, they've got something a little ... out of the ordinary. This sextet of misfits deliver garage and punk tunes overlayed with saxophone and unruly synths. Word on the street is that they're the best live band around right now. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Viagra Boys play the Cosby Tent on Saturday at 20.00


Dubbed the future of UK rap by The Guardian, South-East London rapper Flohio is one of the most-exciting new names in music. Sitting somewhere between grime and UK rap, Flohio spits with a sublime staccato flow over some heavy-hitting industrial trap. On a weekend where hip-hop is pretty scarce, Flohio is a must-see.

Flohio plays the Body & Soul Main Stage on Friday at 01.30 (Saturday morning)

Sports Team

No really, a five-piece indie band with character in abundance. Honestly. Sports Team's charming brand of silly-yet-savvy indie earworms combined with frontman Alex Rice's swaggering Mick Jagger-esque exuberance are a sight to behold. We tipped them for big things earlier this year. This is their first Irish show. You know what to do.

Sports Team play the 3 Made By Music Stage on Friday at 20.05

girl in red

Asked to describe her music in the form of a Tinder bio in a recent interview, Norwegian popstar (yes, another one! What's in the water there?) said; "gay girl writes songs upbeat and sad wanna go on adventure NO PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA". *Swipes right*

girl in red plays the Cosby Tent on Saturday at 18.30

Heavy Lungs

The D, The A, The N, The N, The Y. The much-loved Idles anthem Danny Nedelko is dedicated to one of Joe Talbot's favourite people. It just so happens that Danny Nedelko is also the lead singer of fellow Bristol band Heavy Lungs. Known for chaotic wall-of-noise live shows, you might need those earplugs for this one.

Heavy Lungs play the 3 Made By Music Stage on Sunday at 17.00

Let's Eat Grandma

Self-described as "experimental sludge pop", Let's Eat Grandma have been dubbed the pinnacle of future pop by Pitchfork in an 8.6/10 review of their latest album 'I'm All Ears'. The duo, best friends since childhood, produce pop music that is meant to challenge the listener and all it believes pop music to be. It succeeds. Spellbindingly brilliant live, don't miss 'em.

Let's Eat Grandma play the 3 Made By Music Stage on Sunday at 20.30

Working Men's Club

While they have drawn comparisons to Parquet Courts, Ought and The Human League, Working Men's Club are anything but cheap imitators, more supreme innovators. With none of the three singles we've been treated to so far sounding remotely alike, it's hard to place Working Men's Club. See if you can figure it out for yourselves.

Working Men's Club play the 3 Made By Music Stage on Saturday at 16.15.

Self Esteem

Formerly one-half of folk duo Slow Club, Rebecca Lucy Taylor, aka Self Esteem, has transformed into an absolute pop behemoth in the last 18 months, culminating in the release of her banger-laden debut album 'Compliments Please' at the beginning of March. You will not have a better time elsewhere.

Self Esteem plays the Body & Soul Main Stage on Sunday at 21.45

Easy Life

Another band we interviewed quite recently, Easy Life produce an eclectic mix of laid-back, jazzy hip hop and socially aware lyrics that have been striking a chord with critics and audiences alike. It is this ability to organically add or subtract flavours from their musical palette which sets Easy Life apart from the herd, opening up a world of possibilities for them to pursue.

Easy Life play the 3 Made By Music Stage on Saturday at 21.15

Christine & The Queens

Leading the way in visually stimulating live performances, Christine & The Queens, or Chris for short, is the modern day Michael Jackson. Her mesmerising pop tunes explore sexuality, gender and queerness. That she manages to do this while also performing some of the best choreography you're likely to see, is a sight to behold.

Christine & The Queens play the Main Stage on Saturday at 19.45.