The O’Sullivan brothers Stephen & Emmett aka Evil Uncle took to the stage of The Sugar Club bathed in blue light, twinned in grey Dillinger style suits and hats sans jacket, for the release of debut album Two Lights Not Broken. The follow up to the Songs for the Road EP released only a matter of months ago.  What followed was an evening of free badges, free light bulbs, free crisps, remaking the acquaintance of a famous childhood friend and above all else music for horses and humans.

Starting with the non album slow/fast turn of Builders the first of many comedic moments of social commentary on the night. A tale of being awoken by construction workers, in the height of the Celtic Tiger erection. “Sonic Boom Explosion” cries the memorable chorus.  No Great Shakes “This a song about realising your to good for someone” boasts Stephen to warm applause and laughter “I’m no great shakes your no big deal” is but one of many self deprecating chorus lines.

We are treated to the traditional singer songwriter mouth organ moment on “Junkies” a slow death ballad.   Bad Habits is reminiscent  of criminally overlooked band The Turtles.  Its a fine self acceptance love story with excellent harmonies provided by EmmettCrooked Heart is another dark love song lyrically akin to babies era Pulp.  While Questions has a beautiful picked guitar intro slowly joined by Emmett on bass drum and melodica.

Album Highlight Sunny Day in Space with its up tempo shuffle beat and jovial lyrics is a feel good mix of Supergrass and Super Furry Animals “Round of applause for DEL” says Stephen as backing tracks of drums and bass are introduced momentarily, while brother Emmett takes stage right, to provide backing vocals and another gentle melodica melody.

Its now time for the interval!!! Free crisps are handed out by the band. The bemused crowd look lost as Worzel Gummidge appears on the stage backdrop. People settle back and watch an entire episode, featuring Barbara Windsor-post Carry On-in what has now become a giant Sunday sitting room, back from the either.  This is an ingenious move by Evil Uncle as they have now secured the love and attention of the audience for the rest of the evening.

When Evil Uncle return Gardening a track from previous O’Sullivan brothers incarnation Dwight receives the loudest applause of the night so far.  Gardening is a song about a peeping tom who spends the night in a tree, so close yet so far. Its lyrics are perhaps to knowing not to be true.

“It’s easy you’ll pick up the words. It’s like reading the bible”
quips Stephen introducing People Like You and the crowd duly sing along for the repeated outro of “We must not be alone” An excellent cover version of The Everly Brothers almost brings the house down.  Before Everyone Wants Something for Nothing a rock and roll wig out on plastic society, now culture ideals.  It concludes with Emmett screaming “Everybody wants something for nothing” down a megaphone for its pounding  finale.   A fist in the air finale to a unique evenings entertainment.  Evil Uncle have undertaken a national tour to celebrate the release of  Two Lights Not Broken check them out at the very least you may be baffled…

Photos by Stephen Byrne & Pablo Gunn

Fri Nov 19 1:00 pm Album Tour IT Tralee Students’ Union, Tralee, Ireland more info
Fri Nov 19 9:00 pm Album Tour St. John’s Church, Listowel, Co. Kerry more info
Sat Nov 20 8:00 pm Album Tour Cleere’s Kilkenny
Sun Nov 21 9:00 pm Album Tour The John Hewitt, Belfast, Northern Ireland more info