Eva Evans has released her debut single Endless. The Dubliner describes herself as being” a hard-working daydreamer”, something the rings through in the 6/8 swing of her debut which was recorded live in half an afternoon in Camden Studios.

Evans wrote the track while studying at BIMM and performed the track live for one her assessments winning a spot at a BIMM Live and Lyrical showcase as a result. Endless is the product of a co-writing partnership between Eva Evans and fellow bimmer Elina Filice and embraces the box fresh feel of a new relationship.

The ’60s jazz arrangement complete with trombone gives the track a velvety feel that suits Evans voice perfectly. Though Endless is far from perfect, It’ll be interesting to hear what she can produce if she spends more than an afternoon in the studio working on a track, but this  isn’t a bad way to start.