Doctor by day and electropopster by night Jamie Adam has released a bouncy tribute to the father of the plant, Sir David Attenborough.

“He represents all the good qualities that humans can possess when it comes to nature and living in synergy with the planet,” explains Adam. “He has a sense of compassion and empathy with the natural world that we’ve lost in the pursuit of capitalism. I’m not bashing capitalism, I think it can work – but not in its current form. We are destroying our biodiversity and I think our current situation (with the pandemic) is a warning sign of what’s to come down the line.”

Adam released his debut album ‘Melodic Electronic’ in 2019 and won a coveted place at Ireland’s annual music showcase, Ireland Music Week, last October. Like all of Jamie is struggling to come to terms with the new normal, but as a doctor working on the frontlines of the health service he has been faced with more than most.

On working as a doctor and making music during the pandemic, he says: “It feels like I’m caught in the middle. On the one hand live music has been shut down and most or all of the summer’s festivals have been postponed – so it’ll be strange not having those experiences. On the other hand I’ve seen the virus first hand and what it’s capable of. I’ve seen patients very comfortable and ready for discharge on the Friday and when I come back in on Monday they’ve been made palliative – that’s how quickly this virus can hit people.”