Electric Picnic 2012 logoYarrrr, Thar be a salty dog at Electric Picnic 2012. Any regular visitor to Electric Picnic knows these two woodland gems of EP. Anyone heading down to Stradbally estate between Friday 31st August to Sunday 2nd September will most likely spend a small chunk of time investigating these wild stages found deep in the undergrowth.

There will be piracy ahoy from Bellowhead, Ham Sandwich and Tieranniesaur, Jerry Fish, The Cujo Family and The Mighty Steph all playing live from the decks of the slumped ship, which has one of it’s strongest lineups to date (I mean what band DOESN’T want to play on a pirate ship). The Trenchtown village is always a serene and relaxing place to enjoy a bit of a flake and it’s back again this year sporting some laid back jams and mellow DJs whipping up a cloud of calm for you.

Joining the party are the likes of The Barley Mob, The Bionic Rats and Dirty Dubsters among a host of acts celebrating Jamaica’s 50 years of independence. There will be a whole host of DJs through the weekend so drop in if you need something a bit lighter.

Salty Dog Stage Line Up

Louisianna Six
Ham Sandwich
Shannon And The Shortcuts
Homebre & The Bad Examples
Cujo Family
Huey And The Hobgoblins
The Mighty Stef
Jerry Fish
Black Friday
Gary’s Dead Zoo
Camembert Quartet
No Crows
Propellor Palms
Hat Fitz And Car
Bronagh Gallagher
Barley Mob
Beef Supreme
Shane Hennessy
The Eskies
Pete Pamf
Morton Valance
Will Dempsey DJ
Fox E and the Good Hands
Gypsey Rebel Rabble
Cracked Bucket Band
Simon Spoons
Louise and the Love

Trenchtown lineup

DJ Soundcheck
DJ Bibi Ewa
DJ Two
The Bionic Rats
DJ Kali
DJ Cian Finn
Dub Invesigation
Revalation Sound
Roots Factory
DJ Willy Softly
DJ Ram
The Barley Mob
The Pressure Drop Sound
The Explojans
Ramon Judah & Dubhunter
Dirty Dubsters
Ancient Babies
The Reggulators
DJ Roomsman Wurzel
Pressuer Drop
Irie Ireland DJs
Kool Deroy
DJ Ras Tinny
Crazy D & Irish ALl
Worries Outernational