Eden has shared new track Untitled. The Irish vocalist/producer/multi-instrumentalist EDEN, aka Jonathon Ng, recorded and produced the track at his home studio in Dublin.

Much of Eden’s recent work has focussed around climate change and Untitled is no different in that regards. “Life continues on, even if there’s some drastic change or ending,” Eden says. “Whether we’re talking about a relationship or the state of the world, the most catastrophic thing doesn’t mean it’s all over. Things might shift, but it doesn’t have to be the last page of anyone’s book.”

Untitled culminates with a sample of children singing an old Jamaican folk song called “Linstead Market,” a piece of music Eden first discovered on a CD his family played on car trips when he was a child. “It’s really quite bizarre how adding things like that can end up transmitting the emotion of the song so much better than just the music on its own.”

Eden has amassed over one billion streams from his debut album ‘Vertigo’ and his previous two EPs: 2015’s End Credits and 2016’s i think you think too much of me — the latter a Billboard 200-charting EP. His 2018 debut LP ‘vertigo’ shot to No. 1 on the iTunes Top Albums chart in 12 countries and has racked up over 200 million streams globally fuelled by the singles Start//End, Gold, and Crash.

The subsequent Vertigo World Tour sold out across the globe and in the spring of 2019, EDEN released “909” – a stand-alone track and the final song to be released in the era of vertigo.

Untitled represents the first step in the next phase of Eden’s journey.